EMC announces final Conference Speakers & Festival Line Up of more than 150 artists including Calvin Harris, Green Velvet, Anna Lunoe, John ‘Jammin’ Collins (Underground Resistance), Anna Morgan, Joseph Capriati, Nina Kravitz

Electronic Music Conference (EMC) celebrates its 10 year anniversary under the theme ‘Decade Of Dance: 2012 – 2022’. They have now announced their full speaker and festival line up, which includes more than 80 speakers from across the industry with influential global players. Maintaining a strong focus on diversity and inclusivity, this year’s line up will further showcase speakers and performers with representatives from Asia, Europe, USA, First Nations community leaders, LGBTQ+ pioneers, whilst giving a firm nod to the original curators of electronic and dance music from Chicago and Detroit.

John ‘Jammin’ Collins (Underground Resistance) said:
“I am excited to participate in the Electronic Music Conference and share my unique perspective of being involved in techno since it was created in Detroit by four African American men and also as a frequent participant in the Australian music scene as a touring performer. Electronic music and the culture surrounding it continues to shift and change in Detroit, Sydney, and around the globe creating opportunities and obstacles that vary depending on where you are. One question shared in all of these markets is “who creates and controls the culture?”. Streaming services and social media are so prevalent you could understand why their influence is so strong – however the answer is the same today as it was 40 years ago when it started – it’s the community.”

Eora/Sydney artist Moss said ahead of his masterclass at EMC:
“First Nations dance music is on the rise and there’s so much talent out there waiting to be heard. Music and dance are part of who we are, and how can we create an ongoing space for the future to foster rising electronic artists? I’m excited to have a yarn alongside some great mob discussing ways we could give access, resources and support for electronic musicians in cities but more importantly remote communities.”

The roster includes a compelling selection of pivotal brands including Red Bull, Warner Music Australia, Strawberry Fields Festival, Astral People, Glasgow Underground, NITV, triple j Unearthed, Green Music Australia, Spore Festival, Bakehouse Studio, FBi Radio, NSW Government and the City Of Sydney.

The prominent EMC10 Festival further highlights exactly why EMC has become a trusted and innovative model. Running for a consecutive 10 years they have continued to drive the envelope forward. This years Festival line up covers a diverse range of artists and crosses genres with Calvin Harris, Green Velvet, Sub Focus Boyz Noize, Caribou, Joseph Capriati, John Summit, Cosmic Gate, Richie Hawtin, Len Faki and Nina Kravitz as a part of 150+ artists across 35 events on the festival program running from November 25th until December 15th.

The program commences with EMC’s Emerging Artists Showcase, curated by Dave Ruby Howe (triple j Unearthed Music Director). This will accentuate the current abundance of electronic music talent throughout Australia, aiming to help discover and uncover the most exciting next generation artists breaking through.

On the Emerging Artist Showcase, Dave Ruby Howe said:
“From the talent pool that applied to perform at EMC 2022, it’s clear that this generation of Australian artists has remained creative and vibrant in the face of the last few years of hardship. Producers, solo acts and bands have been finding new ways to hook in audiences and build their communities with them. The crop that we’ve selected for this year shows how the local scene is responding to fresh influences and innovating their own sounds; we’ve got emergent hyperpop party starters, hypnotic lo-fi house selectors, and future club stars bound for main stages all smooshed together like a colourful electronic tapestry.”

This special 10th anniversary edition of EMC will see an increased expansion that now stretches across multiple local government areas across the Sydney CBD, Inner West, Western Sydney and Northern Beaches.

A marquee event on the Festival Program is EMC presents ‘Decades of Dancing’ at Powerhouse Late on Thursday December 1st. Celebrating milestone anniversaries of EMC (10th), Roland (50th), Vicious (30th), Hardware (30th), Condesa (10th), Charades (10th), Motorik (10th) and Lucky Ent. (10th), this promises to be a birthday bash of epic proportions. Taking over the Powerhouse Museum, the event features DJs, installations, exhibitions and talks from 5pm – 9pm.

EMC Director Jane Slingo said:
“We’re thrilled to celebrate not only our own milestone but also the milestone of respected friends, businesses, partners and brands that have contributed so much for a decade or more. The Powerhouse Late takeover will feature a wide range of sights and sounds from across the spectrum of electronic and dance music, and is free to attend – so we can’t wait to welcome everyone to celebrate with us.”

This monumental celebration is set to put the Asia Pacific’s Electronic Music scene back on the map and prove to be a necessary strategic destination for all artists, labels and events.

Growth of EMC
Over the past five years, the EMC platform has seen immense growth and expansion, more than tripling its verticals to include a diverse and forward-thinking offering. These include the annual conference for industry professionals and artists, next generation scholarships for emerging talent, the annual festival with underground parties and larger-scale events, the EMC Connect series of virtual events that analyse current trends and challenges, break-through artist showcases, the global United We Stream network, special events and initiatives in collaboration with a range of partners from not-for-profits to artistic institutions, research projects including the mental-health-focussed ‘AKAR’ and the ‘Club Culture Census’, and ‘SYNC’, a fully immersive VR club experience.

At EMC10, 8,000+ estimated combined attendees are expected across the activities which includes EMC10 CONFERENCE, EMC10 FESTIVAL, EMERGING ARTISTS SHOWCASE, EMC FILMS PROGRAM and SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY CLOSING EVENT.

EMC Conference Program https://electronicmusicconference.com/emc10-conference-program/

EMC Conference Speakers

EMC Festival Program

EMC presents ‘Decades of Dancing’ at Powerhouse Late

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More information available https://electronicmusicconference.com/
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All photos courtesy of Ja’Pan Nation

“His vocals are dynamic!”
“He disrupts equilibriums!”
“His style is renowned!”
“Ja’Pan Nation is refreshing!”

Charles Hall, Jr., better known as Ja’Pan Nation, embodies the definition of sound.

A collage of versatility, composing tones of dance and choreography, while conquering all haters, Ja’Pan Nation represents adversity, redefining your average perception of rhythm and movements with each technique.

To understand the existentialism of his craft, one must understand the barriers of his past. 25 years of dedication, determination and endurance have prepared him for this level. A product of Texas, Ja’Pan Nation is determined to sleep with success.

Aware of his talent at a young age, Ja’Pan sacrificed to become the epitome of entertainment. Rehearsing, studying, researching, practicing, and becoming nothing less than iconic. Endless competitions and accolades he attributes to his dominance.

Artists before him such as Janet Jackson, who he considers to be the most influential artist of his time, paved the way. She is innovative and unique. These are characteristics Ja’Pan replicates in his own realm of performance.

Threads of retro, urban, vintage, and couture, Ja’Pan pops tags of originality. This fabric is authentic, which no market can ignore. Fashion wise, Ja’Pan illustrates diversity. He intertwines graphics. His style expresses all artistry.

Ja’Pan Nation is a trailblazer that thrives from taking risks. Whatever you’ve seen before, you have no idea what you’ve missed. Ja’Pan appreciates all those before him, however, he is his own muse. Ja’Pan pays homage to many, but this is his destiny, and he refuses to lose!

Ja’Pan enlightens cultures with his different variations of creativity. The force behind his movement is God. He gives all praise and recognition to the Lord. He ordered his steps, and he enforced them. Get ready, you’ve just been introduced to the humble beginnings of a star!!!

GO BANG! Magazine: Where were you born and raised and how would you describe your childhood?

Ja’Pan Nation: I was born in Dallas, TX and raised in Arlington, TX. I would describe my childhood as imaginative, fun, and adventurous.

GO BANG! Magazine: How did you get started singing and dancing and what do you like about it?

Ja’Pan Nation: I started learning dance routines from some of my favorite artist growing up, like Usher, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé, Aaliyah, TLC, and Michael Jackson to name a few. I really was intrigued with how cool their choreography and formations were and how they were able to sing/rap while killing these intricate routines. This definitely piqued my interest. My aunt Debra would also have me sing leads in my church choir.

GO BANG! Magazine: When was the moment that you knew you wanted to pursue the entertainment industry professionally?

Ja’Pan Nation: I went into a studio in Dallas, TX just to record a hook for an upcoming artist. People really liked my sound and what I offered as a singer. I won several talent competitions in DFW metroplex. I created a nice buzz from just enjoying myself and doing what I loved. In that moment, I knew I wanted to try this professionally.

GO BANG! Magazine: Why did you choose the name Ja’Pan Nation?

Ja’Pan Nation: Ja’Pan was given to me in school. I was known to love Anime, Kung Fu movies, and the culture and fashion Japan offered. My former manager, Mr. John Carrington, added the accent to make it resonate more as a name for me and not the country. Nation was added as my last name because Janet Jackson is my Michael Jackson. Rhythm Nation was the very first professional choreography I learned as a kid, and I built from there.

GO BANG! Magazine: How would you describe the Ja’Pan Nation brand, sound, and style of dance?

Ja’Pan Nation: I would describe my brand as sexy, classy, and innovative. My sound, versatile. I can go from Pop to RnB/Soul to Rap. My style of dance, I would describe as well rounded. I do a little of everything in my routines. Street Jazz being my favorite. I am very strong in Hip Hop, Lyrical, and Modern styles.

GO BANG! Magazine: Your dance skills are excellent. What dancers or performers inspired you growing up and who inspires you now and why?

Ja’Pan Nation: Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Usher, Beyoncé, Aaliyah, Chris Brown, TLC, B2K, Britany Spears, NSYNC, Justin Timberlake and Nicki Minaj were and are artist that inspire me as an artist and as a dancer.

GO BANG! Magazine: Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Usher, Beyonce’ and Chris Brown are all considered superb dancers. What do you think about them as dance performers and how have they influenced you, if at all?

Ja’Pan Nation: I can go on and on about these icons. These are all naturally gifted entertainers. All of them are genius in their own way. I am inspired by them all.

GO BANG! Magazine: You are a very sexually overt person when performing and a self-described nudist. Why is it important for you to include sexuality in your performances?

Ja’Pan Nation: The female artists always give you edge, controversy, and sex appeal with class. That’s what I describe it as in male form. Male artists always play TOO safe for me. I do not believe in gender specific mannerisms as a man. Thongs are for us too lol. I identify as non-gender conforming, so it makes sense.

GO BANG! Magazine: Your new singles “Cake & Candles” and “Fluid” are club bangers. How would you describe these songs to someone that’s not familiar with your music?

Ja’Pan Nation: “Cake & Candles” really showcases who my RnB inspirations are. It’s within that realm of Michael, Chris, and Usher. “Fluid” is more of that bright upbeat energy that makes you want to twerk or go crazy lol. These two records are for the dance community and people that enjoy music that compels them to move, whether that be sexual, choreography or freestyle. I have a deep adoration for dance. Any song I release, you will most likely get a routine with it lol.

GO BANG! Magazine: You are quite a well dresser. Please describe your fashion sense and where it originates from?

Ja’Pan Nation: My fashion sense is very androgynous, like that of Milli Vanilli, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Grace Jones, with a hint of Janet, Aaliyah, BTS, drag queens, and Nicki Minaj lol

GO BANG! Magazine: Where does your song ideas come from?

Ja’Pan Nation: I don’t have ideas. I just say what I feel and name the song later.

GO BANG! Magazine: Being a great dancer, are you also a choreographer and do you choreograph your own performances?

Ja’Pan Nation: Yes, I am. I have choreographed for several step teams, cheerleading squads, and drill teams. I also choreograph for myself. However, I have also worked with other choreographers to keep everything fresh and set apart from the last effort.

GO BANG! Magazine: What advice would you give to someone that is pursuing their dream of dance and performance?

Ja’Pan Nation: Never stop climbing that ladder. There definitely will be obstacles and people that will try to deter you. Practice is the best advice I can give. The artists named above are great because they train hard! You must work on your craft and sharpen yourself as much as possible. There are millions of other artists out here wanting the same thing. If you want to stick out and be deemed the best or tough competition, you must be disciplined and train hard.

GO BANG! Magazine: Thank you Ja’Pan for this interview and good luck with all that you are doing. You have now officially been BANGED! GO BANG!

You can follow Ja’Pan Nation on social media and the following links:

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Pierre A. Evans is a freelance writer of Entertainment, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion and Current Events, and previously for SoulTrain.com, NDigo.com, ChicagoDefender.com, EmpireRadioMagazine.com, and UrbanMuseMag.com, an author, singer/songwriter, actor, model, poet, dancer, and DJ. He is also the Owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Productions and the Owner/Publisher of GO BANG! Magazine. Follow him on Facebook @Pierre Andre Evans, Twitter @Playerre, and on Instagram @Pierre_Andre_Evans.

Photo courtesy of:  Quincy  J. Trent

Rob Morrison has emerged as a powerful force in the film and entertainment industry. As an award-winning composer, Morrison has worked with a wide variety of artists across multiple genres. In 2004, Morrison became a highly sought-after composer when the world-renowned artist, Beyoncé released her multi-platinum album, “Dangerously In Love.” The album featured the smash hit, “Crazy In Love,” which earned the Chicago based composer a Grammy® and a certified gold record for his exceptional keyboard arrangement and musicianship for the remix.

Known as, “The Sixth Man of Music, ” Morrison has worked with the likes of the esteemed music producer, Vassal Benford, where he served as a session keyboardist that helped to showcase the music of many artists who have gone on to have great success. As a highly sought-after composer, Morrison has worked with various TV and film projects and spent a good amount of time with the Sophia Session Orchestra of Bulgaria conducting scoring sessions for various film projects. His work was well received, and he was subsequently considered for a nomination for the 62nd Grammy’s® regarding the song titled, “Imagine.”

Morrison has always stayed relevant by using his talent to create unique content for others. His many interviews also reflect his passion and purpose when it comes to his craft. He recently scored Carl Weber’s The Family Business on BET+. He is currently working on additional film and TV projects for various streaming networks. With an arsenal of experience in his entertainment portfolio, Morrison continues to show and prove why he is a top-notch composer with the talent and success record to thrive in today’s ever-evolving world.

It all matters!
Photo courtesy of: Rob Diggy

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: What is a film composer and what’s your role?

Rob Diggy: A film composer’s job is to create a flow of music that accentuates the actor’s movement and dialogue, and to create a theme around the characters to kinda help with the storyline. It’s the thing that a director can’t imagine.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Why is scoring so important to a film?

Rob Diggy: A really good score will connect your audience and bring something extra to the screen. Treat the film like it’s your right arm, that’s how important it is.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: How long have you been scoring films?

Rob Diggy: I have been scoring films since the early 90’s. That’s kinda a late start, but I quickly figured out that I could have more fun with a full score, than a R&B track. Scoring a film is like chess. You gotta know when to move.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: About how many films you have scored?

Rob Diggy: I have scored over 100 films and counting. All of them didn’t make it to IMDb.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: What would you tell a young aspiring composer?

Rob Diggy: A young cat needs to stay hungry and stay ready. Study the latest sounds, subscribe to different sites about composing, create your style, and be you. Place your music online, like on Soundcloud or Distrokid. Invest in your craft. Spend damn near every penny on your talent. Google free sounds and create such an arsenal of sounds, that directors will wanna use you.
GO BANG! MAGAZINE: How did you get the job on BET+, scoring for The Family Business?

Rob Diggy: I had always said you never know when the phone will ring or get that email or text. Well, it was the phone that rang, and on the other end was the director for The Family Business, Trey Haley, who is President of Tri Destined Pictures. He introduced himself and asked if I was interested in scoring season four and was I busy. I told him I was good to go. He said he found me on my Instagram page and my Soundcloud link was there. He said he liked the sound and wanted me on board. A few days later, he called and laid out the details of how I was gonna receive the deliverables. He sent two episodes a week and I got started.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: How many episodes did you score?

Rob Diggy: There were a total of 10 episodes, each having its own identity. Trey was very impressed. Once I got started, he really didn’t bother me much. He kinda allowed me to do my thing.

Photo courtesy of:  BET+

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Did the series help you get other work as a result?

Rob Diggy: The series has opened some doors, yes. I have worked on a project for one of the producers of the show and some great referrals.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Did you feel a bit intimidated having to score scenes with such iconic stars?

Rob Diggy: Na… you seen one star; you’ve seen them all. But, excited to have scored Ernie Hudson’s scenes, as well as Stan Shaw’s scenes.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: What advice would you give to aspiring film composers wanting to get into episodic tv?

Rob Diggy: Study other shows and network with some of the actors on social media. They may not respond but keep at it. Getting to know the showrunners is very important.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: What were some of the challenges while scoring The Family Business?

Rob Diggy: I completely lost one of the episodes. My computer was having an episode lol! I never said anything, I just started over.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: What is a theme and how did you know what character(s) need what music in an episode?

Rob Diggy: Themes are used to identify the characters. My best example is from the movie Jaws. Every time you saw him coming, you heard his theme music. It’s the recurring motif that plays when you see that character. Of course, you can manipulate it adding a sound or two, but still having its core.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: What projects are you currently working on?

Rob Diggy: Currently I am working on a suspense thriller titled Lipstick starring Camille Winbush of the Bernie Mac Show, directed by Kimberly Connor. Also scoring a horror film titled The Unseen, directed by Vincent Shade, and a few more with Christopher Nolen.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: What software do you use for making music?

Rob Diggy: I use Logic Pro X. It’s the industry standard for scoring films and making hip hop beats… a one stop shop.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: You’ve really been getting great gigs, whose your publicist?

Rob Diggy:  Desirae Benson!  She has been helping me along the way and has continuously been pushing my name out there!!

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: How can people find you?

Rob Diggy: You can find me mostly in Dubai, but for now Instagram and Facebook. The handle is “Rob Diggy” or simply Google me.

Photo courtesy of:  Quincy J. Trent

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Well Rob, thank you for this interview and good luck with all that you are doing. You have now officially been BANGED! GO BANG!

You can follow Rob Diggy and Composer4Filmz at the following links:


Pierre A. Evans is a freelance writer of Entertainment, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion and Current Events, and previously for SoulTrain.com, NDigo.com, ChicagoDefender.com, EmpireRadioMagazine.com, and UrbanMuseMag.com, an author, singer/songwriter, actor, model, poet, dancer, and DJ. He is also the Owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Productions and the Owner/Publisher of GO BANG! Magazine. Follow him on Facebook @Pierre Andre Evans, Twitter @Playerre, and on Instagram @Pierre_Andre_Evans.

Photo credit:  Ernest Collins


The daughter of a jazz musician who hails from Chicago, was raised on the sounds of jazz and soul legends Sarah Vaughn, Chaka Khan, Marvin Gaye, Al Green, and Anita Baker. Also, a Prince devotee, Chantay possesses a range and power that accentuates her vocal versatility. Like so many professional singers, she got her start in the church choir. After numerous standout solo performances, she was appointed “Minister of Music” at the tender age of 13, in charge of adults three and four times her age. It was there where she honed her skills as a vocalist and keyboardist, as well as her mastery of four and five-part harmonies.

Chantay soon got bit by the performance bug in the secular arena and entered an open mic contest at a local club. Not only did she win eight times in a row, but she also parlayed this success into gigs as a session singer and songwriter for artists like CeCe Peniston and Tonya Blount. It was Chantay’s contributions to Peniston’s single “We Got a Love Thang,” which she wrote, arranged, and sang backgrounds on, that earned her a deal with RCA Records in 1992. During her time with RCA, she released three albums, securing her first top-twenty single on the R&B charts with “Betcha’ll Never Find,” followed by a platinum single via her second album, with her R&B rendition of Gloria Gaynor’s disco anthem “I Will Survive,” including a remix featuring rapper Common that further surged the record. She returned the favor and appeared on Common’s lead single, “Reminding Me of Sef” to his third album – One Day It’ll All Make Sense. On her third and final album with the label, she wrote and co-produced a bulk of the songs, which also included a lead single produced and written by Keith Sweat.

Now independent, Chantay continues to collaborate with various artists and producers from around the world, as well as touring abroad. Her most memorable performance took place over one weekend in Johannesburg and Bloemfontein, South Africa, where she co-headlined at the Macufe Festival. She explained, “The love, hospitality and fan reception is unmatched and something I’ll never forget.”

Currently, Chantay is most excited about her new project, an EP that she and world-renowned DJ and producer Terry Hunter are hard at work on. “Terry is a multifaceted producer, our musical tastes across-the-board are very similar. I’m loving what we’ve been creating.” Chantay describes her new project to be released on her own label in conjunction with Terry’s T’s Box Records, as a “soul album.” “I appreciate my independence and freedom to record whenever and whatever I feel and not be boxed-in and told what to do and when and where to do it. I’m even revisiting my early House/Dance music days, being from Chicago. House music is on the upswing now, but I’ve always been rooted in it and Terry’s a master of that sound. The bulk of the new material, if I had to choose, is R&B, like some of my previous stuff, sprinkled in with some Pop, House/Dance, and even Hip Hop… always soulful.”

“My main goal is to make you feel something when you hear it – – from my soul to yours.”

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: When did you first know that you had real vocal talent and wanted to pursue music professionally?

Chantay Savage: Well, I was singing as far as I can remember. At three-years-old, I sang my first solo in the Sunshine Choir at church and got a standing ovation. Ever since then, the stage kept callin’ me!

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: In addition to being a vocalist, you are also a keyboardist and a drummer. When songwriting, what inspires you to write, and do you compose the lyrics first or the music?

Chantay Savage: My inspiration as far as songwriting comes from experiences, and not just mine. Also, it could be my mood or the state of the world or a message I want to get out. There is no set order in terms of lyrics first or track first. Sometimes a track can inspire the theme or tone of the record and my writing direction sometimes something I jotted “sans” (without) music can fit perfectly with a track. There are times where I sit at the keyboard and freestyle ideas lyrically.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: As a Chicagoan, I know that you are a House music lover. How has House music influenced you and your music?

Chantay Savage: House music is what my generation grew up on, so I’d danced the night away to House music. We used to have a little clique called Front Row, where we’d go party hopping and take over the dance floor, partying to Frankie Knuckles and the like. Since Chicago is the birthplace of House, it’s been innately in me before I even sang on a House track.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: You have written hit songs for many artists including CeCe Peniston’s mega-hit single “We Got a Love Thang.” In 1995, you teamed up with Aaliyah, En Vogue, TLC, BlackGirl, Mary J. Blige, Vanessa Williams, SWV, and others for the single “Freedom” from the movie Panther. Is there any artist, dead or alive, that you would love to work with, that you haven’t yet? What about any producers?

Chantay Savage: Not to be morbid, but let’s go with Tupac, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye … Anita Baker too. Producer-wise, Gamble & Huff and Stevie Wonder.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: In the past, you were under recording contracts with labels, who dictated and directed your career. You released three stellar albums with RCA, which included the hit singles “Betcha’ll Never Find” and a remake of “I Will Survive.” Now that you are an independent artist, how are things different and what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of being an independent artist?

Chantay Savage: Independently, the difference is the freedom to record when and where I want, and to experiment musically. The one con that all independent artists can attest to is having to budget meticulously and sometimes having to forgo certain things because it’s prohibitive, budget-wise. You definitely have to put your creative hat on, with respect to promotion, because you don’t have the machine behind you who go big on promotional costs.

As far as the majors, the music business is a copycat business, so they want you to follow the trends always, and want to put you in that proverbial box. There aren’t many majors left, but I’m speaking from my time with RCA. Also, it was a lot of “hurry up and wait.” You must wait to get put on a schedule, sign off on this, sign off on that, get approved for this and that, and ultimately, they have the last say so on the songs that make the album, unless you have extreme power. It was often a power struggle with picking singles, though “I Will Survive” picked itself because we leaked it and it exploded at radio. So, like anything, independent vs a major has its pros and cons.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: You had the opportunity to perform in South Africa at the Macufe Festival. I know that had to be one exciting experience. Please tell our international readers about South Africa, the people, the performance and how it affected you.

Chantay Savage: When I did MACUFE, it was wonderful! I performed in Joburg and Bloemfontein, South Africa, in front of a beautiful, amazing, and very receptive audience. They appreciate me and I appreciate them. The hospitality was first-class! The love was indelible. My spins at radio from two of my RCA albums are consistent there still. Can’t wait to go back!

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Terry Hunter recently released a new hit single “T.S.O.C.”, which features you, Common, Mike Dunn, Deon Cole, Coldhard of Crucial Conflict, AM7, and Jamie Principle. Please describe what that experience was like and what you like about working with Terry.

Chantay Savage: That was such a fun record. It was Deon Cole, who himself got convinced to rap by Terry, who turned around and suggested that I rap too. He and Terry called me on a three-way with the idea and I was wit it! And regarding working with Terry, our chemistry is incredible in the studio and our musical tastes are so similar. We know each other’s likes and dislikes and the biggest thing is our trust for one another. The love is real, that’s family!

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Recently, Drake and Beyonce each dropped albums that are heavily influenced by House music. What do you think about their albums and what effect do you think their albums will have on the youth and House music becoming a mainstream genre?

Chantay Savage: I truly like both albums. I’m not a Chicago House music snob and besides, my brother Terry blessed ‘em with that Chicago sound on one of the official remixes of “Break My Soul.” Actually, I was at Terry’s house when he got the phone call from Beyoncé’s manager. I think it will propel House music to new heights. As I said, the majors are a copycat business, so Terry’s phone is ringing off the hook! Even rappers want a House track from him, so I’m here for it!

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: If you were not an entertainer, what would you be doing with your life?

Chantay Savage: I’d would definitely be doing something creative. If it were not for music, I would want to create a lifestyle brand centered around black women.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Lastly, you’re about to drop an EP on your own label, in conjunction with Terry’s T’s Box Records. Can you please tell us more about your label, describe this project, as well as what our readers can expect?

Chantay Savage: Yep! I’m at the helm, so along with Terry, we’re cooking. My EP is a mixture of R&B, House, and Disco … always soulful! Can’t wait for the world to hear it! We’re putting the finishing touches on it. It’s coming!

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Thank you Chantay for this interview. You have now officially been BANGED!

You can follow Chantay Savage:
IG: ChantaySavage
FB: Chantay Savage
Twitter: MsChantaySavage

Pierre A. Evans is a freelance writer of Entertainment, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion and Current Events, and previously for SoulTrain.com, NDigo.com, ChicagoDefender.com, EmpireRadioMagazine.com, and UrbanMuseMag.com, an author, singer/songwriter, actor, model, poet, dancer, and DJ. He is also the Owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Productions and the Owner/Publisher of GO BANG! Magazine. Follow him on Facebook @Pierre Andre Evans, Twitter @Playerre, and on Instagram @Pierre_Andre_Evans.

Photo credit:  Paris Brightledge


Louie Gómez has been involved in the Chicago House music scene since day one. As a House music pioneer, Gomez stepped onto the stage of dance music history by discovering, a then unknown, Jamie Principle. Louie went on to produce the original eight minute “Dub Vocal Mix” of “Your Love”, an unreleased track of Jamie Principle’s at the time. This House music anthem, along with another original unreleased production from Gomez entitled “Change”, became staples in Frankie Knuckle’s DJ sets at the legendary Warehouse and Powerplant nightclubs in Chicago.

After taking some time to hone his skills as an audio engineer at local recording studios in Chicago, Louie Gomez was ready to show his growth as a producer/remixer and DJ. His productions aren’t limited to one style. He is comfortable producing tracks that are elegant and soulful, to deep House or funky dancefloor excursions, always striving to go beyond the ordinary.

In 2015, he marked the launch of a new record label, Bassment Tapes Records with Jesse Rivera. The label is a multi-media imprint, encompassing live DJ sets, music videos and a roster of talent signed from the underground House music scene from across the globe. The label is coming up on their 100th release and to commemorate this milestone, Louie Gomez and Jesse Rivera will collaborate on a 4-track vinyl only release.

Aside from running a label, music, and video production, you can also catch him and Jesse Rivera on their monthly show “Gruvbox” and his solo DJ show “Happy Hour” on the Sugar Shack Radio twitch stream.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: When and how did you get an interest in DJ’ing?

Louie Gómez : Well as a young boy, I was exposed to all types of music, having grown up with older siblings and a father who all bought music on vinyl. There was always music on the hi-fi stereo in our home, and my dad taught me how to use his reel-to-reel tape deck to record my own “playlists.” By the time I was in high school, I had a nice collection of Disco and Funk records. So naturally, when the opportunity to play at a school dance came up, I was asked to play. The response from friends, while I played records, really got me hooked on wanting to play again

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: How did you first get started in the House music scene?

Louie Gómez : Before the term “House music,” we’d go to parties where the Chosen Few were spinning, for example, The Tiki Room, The Loft, The Mansion, Sauers, South Commons. I was around 16 at the time. I think this was my intro. But it wasn’t until I was about 17, when my friends and I actually ventured to a club that we had only heard of until then. It was this place called U.S. Studio Warehouse, on Adams and Jefferson, that I became fully baptized in the “House music” scene.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: You are also a music producer/remixer. Can you please explain if DJ’ing and music producing started at the same time or did one lead to another?

Louie Gómez : During my high school years, I was DJ’ing on the south side at small basement parties and events for friends. At this time, I hadn’t thought about producing. It wasn’t on my radar. I didn’t even consider it a possibility.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Who are some of the music producers, artists or DJs that inspire you or inspired you in the past?

Louie Gómez : Those who I continually draw inspiration from are, Patrick Adams, Vincent Montana, Randy Muller, August Darnell, Giorgio Moroder, Gino Soccio, Kraftwerk, Dan Hartman, Roy Ayers, D.C. LaRue, Eric Kupper, Antonio Carlos Jobim, and Joao Gilberto, to name just a few.

Photo credit:  Louie Gómez

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: You’ve stated that you discovered Jamie Principle, an icon in the House music community. Please tell our readers how and when you first met Jamie and how you introduced him to the world, by producing one of his House music classics “Your Love.”

Louie Gómez : I met Jamie Principle when I was 17 years old, while working a retail job at Evergreen Plaza. I saw him walking across the lower level and because of the way he was dressed, he caught my eye. This guy was the epitome of “new wave” head to toe. I just had to strike up a conversation, so I stopped him and asked him about his Fiorucci sunglasses and his lavender knit gloves. He was just too cool for that plaza – LOL. It turned out that we had a lot in common, music, love of fashion, and trends.

Over the course of the next year, we became good friends. I would share my stories of the parties I’d attend, and I spoke enthusiastically about going to The Warehouse a lot. He in turn would share his original music with me. I would actually play some of his original tracks (off cassette) at the parties I DJ’d at. We talked about music production a lot and he showed me his project studio at his home. It was during one of these visits that he played a rough draft of a new song for me (later to become “Your Love”) and I immediately responded positively to it. In an off-handed remark, I said “you should let me remix this.” I thought it had potential to be played at The Warehouse.

A few weeks later, Jamie called and invited me to Soto Sound Studio to do a mix on his newly completed track “Your Love.” I enthusiastically accepted the invite and off I drove to Evanston, having no idea what I would do once I got to the studio. However, once there, we got comfortable and just started the playback of the track learning the song and taking some notes. I began to mute, solo, add delays and various effects, while the engineer helped with editing the actual tape, to create a longer intro/outro, which I knew was imperative to make it DJ friendly. The result was a 10:00 minute hybrid vocal/dub. I knew I had to get this into the hands of Frankie Knuckles.

I belonged to I.R.S. Record Pool at the time, and I knew Frankie did too. I had run into him there on a couple of occasions. So, that following week, I showed up to I.R.S. and waited for Frankie to come in and pick up his promos for the week. When he arrived, I handed him my remix of Jamie Principle’s “Your Love” on a 7” reel-to-reel tape. I explained that it was a new song by a brand-new artist and kindly asked if he would have a listen when he got the chance.

That following Saturday, my friends and I, as usual, headed for a night out at The Warehouse. I recall around 3am, the lights going dark on the dancefloor and over the sound system that infamous arpeggio intro that seemed to last forever started. Then that throbbing synth bassline from the Korg/Mono Poly plays. I couldn’t believe my ears. Frankie was playing “Your Love” off the reel-to-reel tape, and to my surprise everyone on that dance floor was feeling it. Over the next year Frankie played my dub mix every weekend and basically established this as an anthem.

The following week, back at the record pool, Frankie asked to meet Jamie (which was easier said than done, having strict parents). But eventually I was able to introduce them to one another and that’s a whole other chapter of the origins of House music.

So, I really owe it to Jamie Principle for allowing me to remix his track and showing me that music production is something that I could pursue. I immediately went out and bought my own drum machines and synthesizer and started to learn the craft of songwriting and production.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: As one of the pioneers in the House music scene, you must’ve worked with and DJ’d with many other pioneers of House. Who are some of the people that you have worked with or spun with over the years?

Louie Gómez : As a DJ, I’ve been on the same roster as Victor Simonelli, Laura Branch, Craig Loftis, and Mike Winston. I’ve produced tracks for Shawn Christopher, Kym Sims, Marisa Lopez, and Roxy.











Photo courtesy of: https://www.facebook.com/louie.gomez


GO BANG! MAGAZINE: In addition to all that you do, you are also and entrepreneur and the co-owner of Bassment Tapes Records, along with Jesse Rivera, which launched in 2015. Please tell us about your label and your co-owner Jesse Rivera.

Louie Gómez : Jesse Rivera is a talented musician, producer, engineer, DJ, graphics artist, and tech-head. Originally from Detroit, he brings an ear for the organic, experimental, and cutting edge to the label. Our friendship has grown over the past 11 years. He and I launched Bassment Tapes Records to curate a sound we ourselves were interested in spinning, with roots in; Deep House, Funky, Soulful, Disco, all with an underground vibe. Throughout the 7 years running this label, we’ve showcased producers and vocalists from around the globe which fit into our vision for keeping this genre that we love, vibrant and forward looking.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: How would you describe the Louie Gómez sound, both as a DJ and as a music producer/remixer?

Louie Gómez : Well, I would say that my productions aren’t limited to one style. I’m comfortable producing tracks that are elegant and soulful, to Deep House or funky dance floor excursions, but always striving to go beyond the ordinary.

As a DJ, this all depends on the mood. Maybe you’ll get all the new stuff, or a classic Disco set, or perhaps I’ll mix it and go where the vibe takes me.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Over the years, House music has evolved and has branched out over the world in many new variations. What do you see as the future of House, as a music genre and as a community?

Louie Gómez : Well, there will ALWAYS be music being made for the dance floor. The name may change, but the roots will always be Disco and House music. I really like a lot of the new music being produced. There’s a lot of great original sounding music coming out, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the classics and will continue to include those tracks in my sets.

As far as community, I hate to sound cynical, but I’m just not feeling “community” like there was in the past. Perhaps this is due to COVID separating a lot of us, or people just looking out for themselves. I don’t really fret over “community” because I’ve surrounded myself with great friends who are supportive, believe in what I do and always have my back no matter what. Holding on to that is important for me.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: In conclusion, please tell our international readers what we can look forward to from Louie Gomez and Bassment Tapes Records.

Louie Gómez : Well, Bassment Tapes Records is soon coming upon its 100th release. In commemoration, Jesse Rivera and myself are collaborating on an album to be released in limited edition on vinyl and special editions available digitally. I ask your readers to please check out our YouTube channel. We frequently post promotional videos to accompany our releases and select DJ sets. Look for us to drop a DJ set in your area soon.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Thank you Louie for this interview and you have now officially been BANGED!

Photo credit:  Louie Gómez



Juno Download Releases

Traxsource Releases

Bassment Tapes Video Promos




Pierre A. Evans is a freelance writer of Entertainment, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion and Current Events, and previously for SoulTrain.com, NDigo.com, ChicagoDefender.com, EmpireRadioMagazine.com, and UrbanMuseMag.com, an author, singer/songwriter, actor, model, poet, dancer, and DJ. He is also the Owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Productions and the Owner/Publisher of GO BANG! Magazine. Follow him on Facebook @Pierre Andre Evans, Twitter @Playerre, and on Instagram @Pierre_Andre_Evans.

All photos courtesy of:  ChrisJasper.com


Bringing back the funk…”Raise The Bar…the Title Track from Chris Jasper’s 17th solo album “Raise The Bar” available on CD and Vinyl at ChrisJasper.com (Free Domestic Shipping). Also available at iTunes, Amazon and More!

If you are familiar with THE ISLEY BROTHERS, then you know Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee, CHRIS JASPER, an integral member of THE ISLEY BROTHERS during the 1970s and 1980s—their gold and platinum years—from the 3+3 (1973) to Between the Sheets (1983) albums. These were the years when THE ISLEY BROTHERS were a self-produced, self-contained group.

If you are familiar with THE ISLEY BROTHERS, then you have heard the music of CHRIS JASPER, who was primarily responsible for writing, arranging and producing all of THE ISLEY BROTHERS music during this time, including such beautiful love songs as “For The Love of You” and “Between the Sheets” and uptempo funk such as “Fight the Power.” His arrangements and instrumentation as a classically-trained musician, and his expertise on the keyboards and synthesizers, are the foundation of the legendary “Isley Brothers Sound.” When the six members of THE ISLEY BROTHERS disbanded (1984), Marvin and Ernie Isley joined CHRIS JASPER and formed ISLEY-JASPER-ISLEY. Without this crucial musical component, THE ISLEY BROTHERS were no longer a self-produced, self-contained group.

When ISLEY-JASPER-ISLEY disbanded (1987), CHRIS JASPER brought his “unique sound” to his own solo projects, topping the charts with “SuperBad,” a song promoting the value of education. CHRIS JASPER has continued to write songs and produce his own R&B and Gospel music, as well as other artists, for his independent record label, Gold City Records.

CHRIS JASPER’s music has been covered and sampled by hundreds of new and established recording artists, including Whitney Houston, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani, Fantasia, Will Smith, Aaliyah, Queen Latifah, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Natalie Cole, Jaheim, Kendrick Lamar, and the list goes on and on. His music has also been used in many movie and television soundtracks.

In 1992, CHRIS JASPER, along with the other members of THE ISLEY BROTHERS, was inducted into the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME and in 2014, received a GRAMMY LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. In 2015, CHRIS JASPER received the German Record Critics Lifetime Achievement Award (“Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik”). In 2016, Chris was awarded the National R&B
Society Lifetime Achievement Award.


In 1987, Isley-Jasper-Isley disbanded and Chris embarked on a solo career. Chris formed his record label, Gold City Records, and released two albums as a CBS-associated label. His debut single, “Superbad” reached #1 on the R&B charts.

Eventually, Marvin and Ernie returned to record under the Isley Brothers group name, and Chris continued his solo career, releasing a total of 14 solo albums to date, including 4 urban contemporary gospel CDs.

Chris has also produced a number of artists for his Gold City label, and has worked with such notable artists as Chaka Khan, writing and producing a song for her CK album (“Make It Last”). Chris’s music has been covered and sampled by numerous new and established recording artists, including Whitney Houston, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Gwen Stefani, Fantasia, Will Smith, Alliyah, Queen Latifah, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Natalie Cole, Jaheim, Kendrick Lamar, and the list goes on and on.

Chris works closely with his youngest son, Michael Jasper, who released his debut album “Addictive” on the Gold City label at the age of 16 in 2010. “Addictive” was written and recorded by Michael, and co-produced by Chris. Michael, now an attorney, writer and entrepreneur, continues to produce music and heads the EDM/Hip Hop Division of Gold City Records. Chris and Michael collaborate as music producers to create tracks for Film, TV, and other platforms, under Gold City Music.

Chris has received numerous gold and platinum albums and music industry awards, including the BET lifetime achievement award. In 1992, Chris, along with the other members of The Isley Brothers, was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and in 2014 received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. In 2015, Chris received the German Record Critics Lifetime Achievement Award (“Preis der deutschen Schallplattenkritik”). In 2016, Chris received the National R&B Society Lifetime Achievement Award.

Chris and his wife of 36 years, Margie, live in New York.

Bringing back the funk…”Raise The Bar…the Title Track from Chris Jasper’s 17th solo album “Raise The Bar” available on CD and Vinyl at ChrisJasper.com (Free Domestic Shipping). Also available at iTunes, Amazon and More!

You can listen to the title track “RAISE THE BARHERE

You can listen to the HOT NEW SINGLE  “HEY LOVEHERE



Pierre A. Evans is a freelance writer of Entertainment, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion and Current Events, and previously for SoulTrain.com, NDigo.com, ChicagoDefender.com, EmpireRadioMagazine.com, and UrbanMuseMag.com, an author, singer/songwriter, actor, model, poet, dancer, and DJ. He is also the Owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Productions and the Owner/Publisher of GO BANG! Magazine. Follow him on Facebook @Pierre Andre Evans, Twitter @Playerre, and on Instagram @Pierre_Andre_Evans.



The Legendary London DJ, Dancer and Club Culture Icon …

Sunday, 25th September, 2022
3pm – 11pm
At Egg LDN

Featuring Sean McCabe, Kid Batchelor, Jeffrey Hinton, Bobby & Steve Zoo, Neil Pierce, Roy The Roach, Rap Saunders, Rhythm Doctor, DJ Soulprovyder

**LIve Artists: Marcus Begg – Vannessa Freeman and Shola Phillips ‘Feel The Vibe’ – Astro Trax Team **

Good Groove Loft: Dez Parkes, Marcia Carr, Ronnie Herel, Roy The Roach, Femi Fem, Gordon Mac (Mi-Soul) Fat Freddie M ++

This special event brings together the cream of London’s Soul, Funk and House music DJs to celebrate Paul ’Trouble’ Anderson’s life and to raise funds for a large permanent mural of Paul, a permanent memorial bench in Paul’s name, and to donate money to Macmillan cancer support.

Celebrating the heavenly birthday of London club scenes legend DJ Paul “Trouble” Anderson an Allstar line up of friends and clubland’s finest come together for one of September’s optimum feel good essential daytime events.

Boogie any way ya wanna across 2 floors and a roof terrace as over 25 DJs work the House room mixing up current sounds with some killer classics. Or head into the Good Groove Loft laying on all styles of classic funk, soul and disco sounds.

This memorial art and music project is in honour of Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson who lost his 7 year battle with cancer at the end of 2018, as well as raising funds for Macmillan cancer support. All the DJs and artists are performing for free in support of this memorial to one of London’s most famous club superstars whose career spanned four decades, and one who could genuinely claim to have been at the forefront of most of the significant shifts in UK club culture.

From the youth clubs and soul scene of the seventies right through to the global dance music festivals of today, Anderson was there at every turn. Clubs, roller discos, sound systems, warehouse parties, orbital raves, super clubs, Anderson did them all and usually first.

Indeed, this knack for being where the action remained with him until the end. Fittingly, one of Paul’s last DJ residencies was at Peckham’s Bussey Building, where over the five years he played there, the south-east London district rose from backwater to cultural and nightlife hotspot: with yet another generation young London club-goers falling under his spell in the process.

His legendary club residences included Crackers, the Electric Ballroom, Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson’s Loft Club and Bump N’ Hustle at the Bussey Building as well as guest performances everywhere from Ministry of Sound to the Sunrise and Clockwork Orange raves, Deep Into Soul at PoW Brixton, the Southport Weekender Festival and 51st State Festival.

Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson also hosted the Saturday night prime time dance show on Kiss FM for 9 years in its heyday and tapes of his legendary mix shows are still being collected and swap hands for good money. Paul is also heralded for helping break the careers of legendary singers such as Barbara Tucker, Jocelyn Brown, Ultra Nate, Byron Stingily (‘Get Up Everybody’ was a Loft classic), Rosie Gaines (‘Closer Than Close’) and Michael Watford.

This event is supported by Soho Radio, Mi-Soul Radio, Rinse FM, House FM, Faith Magazine and Time Out.



Date: Sunday September 25th 2022

At: Egg LDN, 5 Vale Royal, Kings Cross, N7 9AP

Times: 3pm-11pm

Line Up:

Advance Dance Arena: Sean McCabe, Bobby & Steve Zoo, Neil Pierce, Kid Batchelor, Jeffrey Hinton, Linden C, Rap Saunders, Stuart Patterson, Richie Fingers, Rhythm Doctor, Chrissy T, Funkie P, Mighty Funk Houser and DJ Soulprovyder. (House & Disco)

Live P.A.s

Marcus Begg

Vannessa Freeman

Shola Phillips ‘Feel The Vibe’ – Astro Trax Team

Good Groove Loft: Soul/Funk/Disco)

DJs Micky D, Dez Parkes, Stafford Black Market, Gordon Mac (Mi-Soul), Roy The Roach, Marcia Carr, Fat Freddie M, Paul Murphy, Ronnie Herel, Femi Fem and Terry Jones

Plus Master of Ceremonies: MC Micro

Tickets: £15 in Advance from Skiddle: https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/London/Egg-London/Paul-aposTroubleapos-Andersonaposs-Allstar-Birthday-Boogie/36161754/

£20 on the door.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/395876140423958




Pierre A. Evans is a freelance writer of Entertainment, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion and Current Events, and previously for SoulTrain.com, NDigo.com, ChicagoDefender.com, EmpireRadioMagazine.com, and UrbanMuseMag.com, an author, singer/songwriter, actor, model, poet, dancer, and DJ. He is also the Owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Productions and the Owner/Publisher of GO BANG! Magazine. Follow him on Facebook @Pierre Andre Evans, Twitter @Playerre, and on Instagram @Pierre_Andre_Evans.

Photo courtesy of:  Pirooz Moshavash


Julian Demond Thomas (born November 5, 1993), known professionally as Julian Keyz, is an American recording artist, musician, record producer, disc jockey (DJ), singer/songwriter, actor, dancer, author, philanthropist, and entrepreneur.

Born and raised in Chicago, IL, he became involved in the local music scene at the age of 10. He became a 3x Amateur Night winner at the world-famous Apollo Theatre in Harlem, Manhattan, New York by age 12. Simultaneously, he became one of the original Chicago BullKidz dancers for the Chicago Bulls for three seasons. Shortly after, he established an acting and modeling career by booking commercials and commercial prints for McDonalds, Coca-Cola Minute Maid, MTV, Disney, Nickelodeon, Burlington Coat Factory, Value City and others.

In 2012, Julian established his independent record company and brand under the name VIBES By InNo or simply InNo. The company serves his business interest with subsidiaries that include a music academy and a music marketing agency.

On March 9, 2020, Julian released his debut independent album InNo State of Mind to favorable reviews.

Apart from music, in May 2019 Julian graduated from California State University, Northridge with a Bachelors Degree in Marketing.

EARLY LIFE (1993-2003)

Julian Keyz was born Julian Demond Thomas on November 5, 1993 at Mercy Hospital & Medical Center in Chicago, IL, to Dana Brown, a family law and entertainment attorney, and Willie Thomas.

Growing up, Julian experienced bullying due to his speech impediment, which caused slurs in his speech, and him being overweight. He and his siblings also witnessed domestic violence at home. This led to troubled behavior and poor grades in school. His punishment for his behavior was writing essays and giving presentations to his mother. From this, he developed a love for writing and expression. He states his biggest inspiration at the time was Tupac Shakur for his passion and diversity in subject matter.

To build confidence and a sense of identity, his mother Dana enrolled him into numerous extracurricular activities to keep him busy and focused. He joined local sports organizations, the Barbizon Modeling and Acting school, took dance lessons and began piano lessons at age eight.

With music, he thrived. He trained classically, then transitioned into Jazz Contemporary. He eventually switched schools and met his mentor Alan Franklin, owner of Muzicnet School of Music in Chicago. After years of training and building a local reputation, he began to receive offers for local performances and competitions.

EARLY CAREER (2003-2011)

Julian won numerous local music competitions and was eventually dubbed “A Real Showman” from local media outlets for his performances. During this time, he was selected to become a BullKidz dancer for the Chicago Bulls organization for three seasons. His modeling and acting career began to prosper as well with multiple national commercial and commercial print bookings with companies such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola Minute Maid, Burlington Coat Factory and more. During this time, Julian also learned new skills with recording and production. He worked with known Chicago DJ’s such as Lamar “Hula” Mahone from the Outhere Brothers for his first record.

Julian’s major breakthrough came when a talent coordinator, Jane Jackson Harley, discovered him and asked for him to audition for the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, Manhattan, New York. He was accepted and became a 3x Apollo Amateur Night Winner at the World-Famous Apollo Theatre by age 12.

From the Apollo stage, Julian received press recognition and national performance opportunities. These performance opportunities ranged from; Voter Rallies in Chicago, IL for then Senator Barack Obama, The Chabad Telethon with the Ray Chew’s Boys Choir, opening act opportunities for recording artist Stevie Wonder, Fred Hammond, Ginuwine, and private dinner events with celebrities such as the Kardashians, politicians such as Jessie Jackson Jr. and many more.

In 2008, Julian’s focus shifted to becoming a full-time recording artist. He began to work with industry music managers and started pursuing a record deal. During this time, he developed his production and engineering skills by working with numerous local artists. He signed to SESAC in 2010 as a songwriter. He also worked behind the scenes with emerging artists. He was cameoed in the Mindless Behavior “My Girl” Remix music video featuring Tyga and Ciara in 2011.

Julian dropped out of high school his junior year. With little success of securing a record deal, he decided to go independent and move to Los Angeles, CA full-time to pursue his entertainment and business career in 2011. Upon his arrival, he secured more performance opportunities along with acting bookings with companies such as Nickelodeon, Disney, MTV and more.

CAREER (2012-Current)

In 2012, Julian established his independent record company and brand under the name VIBES By InNo or simply InNo. The company serves his business interests with subsidiaries that include a music academy and a music marketing agency. He continued to expand his company and release projects independently under the company as well as produce music shows. Simultaneously, he developed his marketing skills which led him to securing contacts with businesses in the Los Angeles greater area. He also expanded his music academy, an on-demand in-home music lesson service, from two students to over 100 in 12 months.

Julian secured his GED to start junior college at Pierce College Los Angeles in 2012. During his first year of college, he took his remaining high school classes at West Valley Occupational School to receive his high school diploma in 2013. He acquired his Associates Degree in Business Administration with a transfer to California State University, Northridge in 2017. He graduated CSUN in 2019 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing.

During college, Julian continued to work behind the scenes. In 2013, he interned for super producer Harmony Samuels’ studio in North Hollywood, CA. In 2017, Julian interned at Interscope Records in Santa Monica, CA in the digital marketing department. At Interscope, he worked on digital projects for recording artists Ella Mai, JID, Lady Gaga, Jaden Smith, Billie Ellish and more.

Upon his graduation from college in May 2019, Julian focused on expanding his company and working on a series of music projects.

He released both “InNo State of Mind” on March 6, 2022 and “SNAKESKINS: An American Hustle” on July 2, 2022 to favorable reviews.

He’s currently preparing for his upcoming new album release in November 2022. His first lead single for the project will be released in the very near future.

                                                                                        Photo Courtesy of:  Julian Keyz

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: You had struggles growing up like bullying, due to a speech impediment, being overweight and witnessing domestic violence. How did these events affect you then, and what effect has it had on you presently, to make you who you are today?

Julian Keyz: The challenges in my youth definitely took a toll on me at the time. However, I’ve always been a person to internalize things, so I never even gave it acknowledgement. I was also taught to be quick on your feet, so I always had a response to adversity. My mom always taught me to channel the energy into positive outlets. I was also ALWAYS busy when I was younger, so it gave me an opportunity to take my mind off things. I’m the same way until this day. I find solace in meaningful work whenever I’m stressed or pressured.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Growing up in Chicago, you were involved in so many different activities, from performing in the music scene, to dancing for the Chicago Bulls, as well as modeling and acting. I too, have experience in all those worlds and it requires tons of discipline, commitment, and persistence to be successful. Of those four fields of entertainment, which one do you like the best and why?

Julian Keyz: I would definitely say I have always been more consistent and involved in music, so I’ve fallen in love with it over the years. Music taught me about EVERYTHING in life. It does require discipline, patience, commitment, and A LOT of sacrifice to be great at anything in life. Since I was always involved with music and it took a lot of time from me, it became a great teacher and allowed me to succeed in other areas of my life. Music has also made me more appreciative and interested in other areas of the arts. So, without it, I wouldn’t have done the other activities.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Your mother Dana, has been quite a driving force in your life, personally and professionally. Please describer to our readers how you mother has been influential in your personal and professional life.

Julian Keyz: I mean she’s been everything to me. I never get enough of giving her credit. I know for sure she doesn’t mind either. Lol My mom has always been my rock, my confidence, my example, and biggest supporter. I’ve never felt any lack of support or love in either area of my life from my mom. We’ve obviously had a lot of challenges throughout the time being both mother and son and business partners, but I am her son. We’re both very independent, entrepreneurial, risk-taking, free-thinking, creative, passionate, compassionate, loyal, sacrificial and hardheaded. Lol

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: You have three other brothers and all of them have their talents as well, ranging from film, medicine, and business. Please describe how you and your siblings inspire and motivate each other, and if there’s any “friendly competition” between you all.

Julian Keyz: We all grew up believing that we could do anything. I can’t necessarily speak for them, but I honestly don’t think any of us ever felt a lack of support in our endeavors. So, in the process, all of us received the opportunity to get exposed to many things and test different waters to see what fit. Since we never felt restricted, we’ve all been pretty good at anything we pursued. I would attribute that towards us receiving a lot of support. I’m very close with all my siblings and I have a special relationship with each one since we’re all VERY different. But we all grew up pretty close.

Regarding friendly competition, I’ve personally never felt like that simply because we all have different passions. Everyone’s honestly their own person and we respect each other for it.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Early in your career, you dropped out of high school during your junior year, and moved to Los Angeles, CA. to pursue your dream. Thankfully, you returned to school and earned your GED and even graduated from college in 2019. Kudos to you! How important is education to you and what advice would you give to someone that maybe thinking about following your lead and dropping out of school to pursue their dream?

Julian Keyz: This one’s pretty conflicting for me. I would always advocate for education, but I honestly don’t feel many schools are providing the information needed to survive in the current landscape of the country. We live in very different times and kids nowadays are so exposed just because they have access to the world through the internet. I think that’s what starts the contemplation of dropping out because in some cases you feel it’s useless. Being a person who did drop out and who felt the same way, I would still advocate for those in school to complete your high school experience. School itself is a great place for networking and utilizing resources to your advantage. But there’s always benefits to getting real world experience.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: In 2012, you became an entrepreneur and established your own independent record company, VIBES By InNo aka InNo. Can you tell us about your company and brand?

Julian Keyz: InNo stands for being “In NO restrictions of your creativity”. I co-founded the company with my mom to allow myself the independence I craved, regarding my entertainment career. Prior to that, many people tried boxing me in, regard the direction of my career. I’ve always been free-thinking and a bit hardheaded, but that’s ok. I’ve always put my money, time, energy, and every ounce of myself into my goals. Once I started learning business, I felt confident to pursue these goals independently without waiting for the approval of someone else. Best decision in my life thus far.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: You have been consistently on the grind in the entertainment industry for the past 20 years, and you’re only 28 years old. What has kept you motivated and inspire you to keep going?

Julian Keyz: I honestly just love what I do. Feels like a fish swimming or a bird flying. I ask myself all the time when things get rough, “what else would I do?” We all have functions and purposes on this planet… this is what I’m meant for, so I just keep going and growing.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: GO BANG! Magazine just recently found out that you are a DJ. At the tender age of 14, you had your first paid DJ gig. You stepped away from the craft for years, but the fire was reignited when you moved to Vegas. I too, am a DJ since childhood, but also stepped away for years. Again, we are mirroring each other since I just recently started DJ’ing again myself. When YOU dug back into your bag from the past and revisited DJ’ing, tell us what that felt like.

                                                                   Photo courtesy of:  Bright Light Digital Art / Amanda Altman

Julian Keyz: It just felt right and you kind of ask yourself why you allowed so much time to pass without you engaging with it. Circumstances happen though and you’re just happy to be back in love again. Almost, like a part of you was missing and you found the missing piece. That’s how I feel about music in general when we separate too long. Very much like a marriage.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Please describe your DJ style (single songs, mixing/blending songs together), the type of music you play (House, Dance, Hip Hop, R&B, EDM, Techno, etc.), and what your favorite genre of music to listen to personally.

Julian Keyz: I’ve been exposed to a lot of music in my lifetime, and I have different time periods that I gravitate to different genres. Regarding DJ’ing, I play a lot of Hip Hop, R&B and Latin Music. I occasionally do House music and I love it.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Another venture that you established is The Simple Music School, which was founded in 2015, where you taught piano in music schools in LA. Why did you start that company and how did that inspire you to start your own music academy.

Julian Keyz: When I was in college, I honestly just wanted to find a way to make some money and free my time up. Teaching music afforded me that opportunity. I got the opportunity to create my own schedule, pay my bills and do what I love to do. It was the best-case scenario for a college kid. Once I saw how lucrative it was, I scaled it and it did well. Been growing the business since.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: You recently started a training course entitled Professor Keyz Piano Basics. It officially launched on September 1, 2022, but you are accepting orders now at http://www.course.juliankeyz.com. What does the course contain, how can someone benefit from purchasing your training program, and what is the cost?

Julian Keyz: The course highlights simple ways of understanding the basics of sight reading, composition, and music theory. It’s beneficial because it’s very simple to understand. Sometimes musician’s like to over complicate the process of music. It’s not simple by any means and it does take time to become good, but the concepts themselves are very simple and repetitive. Sometimes we can complicate the process to the point you intimidate a potential beginner. The goal should be making it concise and simple. I hate overcomplicating things.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Now let’s get back your NEW music. When are you dropping new music and when will your first single come out? Can you give our readers some exclusive information on your upcoming music drop, like what to expect, when it dropping, what’s the first single and when will that drop?

Julian Keyz: I’ve worked on so much music this past year. The only thing I’ll say is new music will be dropping in September and you’ll get a consistent flow of material to close out this year. It’ll definitely be an experience. Stay tuned!

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Now that COVID has somewhat subsided, the world has reopened. Do you plan on getting back on the road for touring and if so, when and what’s the tour schedule?

Julian Keyz: I plan on hitting the road top of 2023. The goal is to be touring the entire year. We’ll start domestically.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: In conclusion, is there anything that you’d like to say to our worldwide, international readers AND YOUR FANS?

                                                                                          Photo courtesy of :  Julian Keyz

Julian Keyz: I would just like to say thank you for getting this far into the interview and thank you for the support. Love y’all and many blessings to you and your endeavors in life. Let’s win big.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Thank you for granting GO BANG! Magazine this interview and we wish you continued success. You’ve officially been BANGED!!! Now…GO BANG!

Julian Keyz: Thank you all, I appreciate you.


ONLINE Contacts:  https://linktr.ee/juliankeyz

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/juliankeyz/

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/juliankeyz/

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/juliankeyz


Listen to Julian Keyz:

YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuNAJ40xOL-gedgk4i1gHwQ

Soundcloud:  https://soundcloud.com/juliankeyz


WEBSITE: https://www.juliankeyz.com/

Pierre A. Evans is a freelance writer of Entertainment, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion and Current Events, and previously for SoulTrain.com, NDigo.com, ChicagoDefender.com, EmpireRadioMagazine.com, and UrbanMuseMag.com, an author, singer/songwriter, actor, model, poet, dancer, and DJ. He is also the Owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Productions and the Owner/Publisher of GO BANG! Magazine. Follow him on Facebook @Pierre Andre Evans, Twitter @Playerre, and on Instagram @Pierre_Andre_Evans.

All photos courtesy of:  Emanuel Love

Dee Jay Alicia (DJA), a Chicago native, developed a love for music at a young age. Her musical beginnings were rooted in Soul, Steppers, and R&B. She began her DJ career in 1996 under the guidance of her mentor and then husband DJ Raphael. When she was properly prepared musically and technically, she became a member of the DJ group C-7 sounds.

Her first residency was a weekly Steppers’ set at Mr. G’s Supper Club. She enjoyed a successful 16 year stretch as a mobile Jock and Stepper’s DJ which included appearances on the weekly TV show “Stepping at Club 7” hosted by the Legendary DJ and radio host Herb Kent.

After a short hiatus in 2010, she made the decision to dive back into music and the world of DJ’ing. After a year spent familiarizing herself with the new DJ technology and musical landscape, the focus became the genre of House music. She began frequenting House exclusive parties and getting a feel for the very vibrant Chicago House scene. The first brick of building in a community where she was “unknown” was to gain a residency to perfect and showcase her talent. She did so, with a weekly night at a local southside bar.

Since that pivotal decision, her journey in House music thus far has included many events at bars, clubs, and picnics throughout Chicago, Detroit, L.A., Austin, and Houston. Also, there have been many phenomenal moments which include larger events at Millennium Park, the Silver Room Block Party, Navy Pier, the Shedd Aquarium, Randolph Street Fair, Charivari Detroit, Chicago Summer Dance, and two guest appearances at Chicago’s House music crown jewel, the Chosen Few DJs Picnic.

DJA is, and has been, a member of many groups such as Midnyte Productions, Black Onyx, the Triad, and Ascension. She has hosted internet radio shows and been heard as a guest on the airwaves of Philly Nites Radio, NYC Radio, NTS Radio, and House in the Midsouth. She holds DJ residencies for several groups and organizations which include CODE RED, Devo Entertainment, the Sisterhood Picnic, House Stock, and Heaven Has A Heart. Currently, DJA can be seen every Wednesday on Twitch TV on her show Studio Sessions with Hostess Lady Alicia and Moderators G Whip and Red Diva at http://www.twitch.tv/Deejayalicia

In 2018, Alicia founded a non-for-profit Legacy Arts Center for Education (LACE) with the mission to provide arts and educational programs to support and motivate the youth. LACE includes programs that foster positive, forward-thinking that guides our future leaders towards a successful future.

What began as a weekly internet radio show, evolved into a collective of some of the most talented DJs in the Chicagoland Area…the VORTEX DJs. In 2021, the VORTEX DJs hosted their first annual picnic.

GO BANG! Magazine: When you started DJ’ing, you were trained by your then husband, DJ Raphael. What was it about DJ’ing that attracted you to it?

Dee Jay Alicia: The music. I’ve always LOVED and been surrounded by music. Music played in my aunt’s kitchen daily while I was growing up. An eclectic mix of music (Rock, Soul, and R&B) was played at the skating rink on Saturdays. I rushed home as a teen to watch MV60… no commercials ALL MUSIC. Not to mention mixes on BMX and KKC. Every memory I have can be tied to a specific song, genre, or artist.

GO BANG! Magazine: At this time, you were spinning Stepper’s songs. What was it like to spin at Mr. G’s Supper Club and on “Stepping at Club 7”, and how were you received as a female DJ in a male dominated field?

Dee Jay Alicia: Spinning at Mr. G’s was bananas. The DJ booth was double sided with events going on simultaneously on both sides. At that time, Raphael and I shared our crates of wax. Two events going on simultaneously was tough in terms of sound and timing of record play. We eventually acquired double copies of popular songs and expanded to our own individual crates.

Stepping at Club 7 was stressful. The tapings were LIVE on set, so mistakes were frowned upon, and do-overs were not possible. The Producer was a no-nonsense woman and wanted perfection from the DJs and the dancers. I was about 3 months into my DJ career so needless to say I was scared to death. Calming words from my mentors Steve Breeze and Terrible Ted calmed me enough to perform.

Raphael and I had begun “blending” steppers music at parties. He convinced me to try a blend on the show. I mustered up the courage to do it and although it wasn’t perfect… I did it! After which, he proclaimed me to be the first to blend steppers on national tv. LOL!!!!!

As far as being a female DJ, I had two strikes against me. I was much younger than the crowd and I am female. They looked at me and automatically assumed I was uneducated on the music and was not skilled at the craft. As I did then, and still do today, I had to prove myself.

GO BANG! Magazine: Are there any DJs that came before you that were an inspiration to you and helped to motivate you to pursue a career as a DJ?

Dee Jay Alicia: That list would go on to infinity. There are DJs both on the Stepper’s side and the House side that both inspire and motivate.

Steppers and mobile DJs would include: DJ Porter, Eric “ET” Taylor, Stevo, Phil, Lonnie, Steve Brewer, and Freddie Mack (RIP), DJ Reese, Terrible Ted, Sam Chatman, Woody McNeal, and of course DJ Raphael to name a few.

House Music DJs include: Black Coffee, Louie Vega, David Morales, Beloved, Selecta, Joe Claussel.

More closely related are: Terry Hunter, Mike Dunn, Jamie 3:26, Wayne Williams, DJ Boxx, Lori Branch, Lady D, Jevon Jackson, Mickey Calvin, Steve Maestro, DJ Lil John, Taz, Derek Smokin’ Jones, and the list could go on forever.

GO BANG! Magazine: You took time off as a DJ, and when you returned in 2010, you switched genres from Stepper’s music to House music. Why did you make the switch?

Dee Jay Alicia: Prior to the break, I was a Stepper’s DJ and mobile jock. In Chicago, as a mobile jock, there is ALWAYS a House component to most events.

After the break, I returned as a multi-genre DJ playing events around Chicago. I began going out and observing different DJs, their technique, and style of play. It was at this time I became aware of underground parties and venues that were previously unknown to me. While visiting one of the underground venues, I had the opportunity to hear Jamie 3:26. This was the moment I KNEW that I wanted to spin House music EXCLUSIVELY and moreover I wanted to play at underground venues. I was encapsulated by the mix of music, the dark fog filled room, and shrieks of musical ecstasy from the dancers. THIS was what I wanted to do!

GO BANG! Magazine: It’s been 12 years since your return, and you have come back with a vengeance. You have performed at various locations throughout the US, including the Chosen Few DJs Picnic. Please describe to our readers what it was like, in just over 10 years, to go from a “brand-new House DJ” to performing at one of the world’s largest outdoor House music festivals.

Dee Jay Alicia: Unbeknownst to me at the time, with my eager to play music for people ideals, the Chicago House community was a tight knit family that didn’t take to newcomers so easily. They had a history of friendship that span back to their teenage years and the inception and development of House music.

Since I had not been a part of that scene, I had my work cut out for me. On a what seemed like a daily basis, naysayers were sounding off on social media and in House music groups. It was hard to ignore being “drug” on social media BUT my love for music was stronger than the chatter! It was said that I was too old, I wasn’t good enough and I would never play with the likes of Mike Dunn and Terry Hunter.

Being no stranger to starting from the beginning and having already been through trial-by-fire with the Steppers, I began a residency at a local lounge with a few friends. Thus, my House music journey began.

GO BANG! Magazine: Currently, you have a weekly show on Twitch called Studio Sessions. Please describe your show to our worldwide readers, who may not be familiar with your show.

Dee Jay Alicia: Studio Sessions has evolved overtime from its inception, which was meant to be a multi-genre jam session playing wax pulled from my collection over green tea, to an all-House format broadcast on another Twitch platform, to its current format on my Twitch channel, which includes Lady Alicia, the on-screen Hostess and partying with my Squad Mods G Whip and Red Diva.

Its’ most recent evolution are live interviews with a host of guest DJs, both local and global. This change was presented by SA DJ/Producer Harrison Crump during his visit to the show. I affectionately call this segment of the show “The HOT SEAT.” The discussion is very candid, and the exchange of ideas allow for the ability to inform, educate, and create a meeting of the minds on topics usually only discussed in like-minded DJ groups, never allowing for an alternative opinion. The differences in views are discussed in friendship and help create respectful enlightenment.

GO BANG! Magazine: In addition to being a DJ, you are also a talented music producer. How would you describe your sound and how has being a DJ influenced you as a producer?

Dee Jay Alicia: I think DJ’ing and Production goes hand and hand. I’ve had opportunities to sit with and work with some of the best Producers in the industry. Watching them create has totally changed the way I DJ. Prior to production, matching intros and outros and catching breaks to blend songs was my method of DJ’ing. The aftereffects of sitting with a talented Producer, changes you musically, if you’re paying attention. My musical ear became more open, and I now listen to select instrumentation and song key. My DJ’ing and Production became more complex. Even the sound of music I’ve heard for years became different.

I believe my sound both in DJ’ing and Production is an eclectic mix on my musical influences. I do find myself leaning toward specific instruments and sounds. Afrobeats, Soulful and Classics are at the top of my list.

My first attempt at production, was to make edits to create an arsenal of music that no other DJ had. I figured this would increase the demand for me as a DJ. Which it did. As of late, I want to create songs that ALL DJs want to play… which is now the goal.

GO BANG! Magazine: You founded the non-profit Legacy Arts Center for Education (LACE) in 2018. What inspired you to do that and what do you hope to accomplish with your organization?

Dee Jay Alicia: Legacy Arts Center for Education (LACE) had been 10 years in the making. I wanted to provide kids with a safe haven where they could also be productive. I’d wished, that as a child, I was exposed to things like DJ’ing, stock investment and STEM. As an adult, my view of the world, and the array of opportunities would have been much different. I want to provide this opportunity to kids that are interested and in need of leadership and mentoring. I want to provide a place where a path to success and a can-do spirit propels them to heights that we could only imagine as kids.

Shortly, after we were up and running the pandemic hit. As with everything else we were at a standstill. Currently, I am reorganizing LACE, but in the interim I have a small group of girls, the “Kim Possibles” that I have gathered to build sisterhood and comradery. I have high hopes for them and am looking forward to the magic they create with the springboard of supporters affiliated with of LACE.

GO BANG! Magazine: You were recently a part of the annual “Queens of House” picnic presented by DJ SolKat. Why do you think that an all-woman annual picnic is necessary and how does it feel to be a part of it?

Dee Jay Alicia: The “Queens of House” is an exceptional concept and event. Bringing together the ladies in sisterhood and solidarity is necessary and important to the industry. I am pleased to have been selected as a guest six of the seven years. The support given and attendance to the event (even if it rains) shows that the House community truly supports the female DJs of Chicago and that an all-female line up can rock out comparable to our male counterparts.

GO BANG! Magazine: In the past, women DJs were more of a novelty, and not taken as serious as their male counterparts. Do you think that image is changing or has changed, and why or why not?

Dee Jay Alicia: Funny you should say that and use the word “novelty.” I was told by a very good friend of mine that “I” was a novelty and that soon the hoopla would die down. That was 10 years ago.

I’ve seen females spinning with bikini tops on and the like, but Chicago is a bit different. You must “earn it.” Whether the DJ is male or female, the listeners here are more multi-faceted and discerning. They want the music delivered in the most authentic and passionate way. They are well-versed in new and classic House music. They recognize technical proficiency. That being achieved dispels the myth of the “novelty” and reinforces the skill of the Chicago DJ.

GO BANG! Magazine: There are several DJs in the House community with mad skills. Which do you personally like, which ones would you love to DJ with, and which events would you love to spin at?

Dee Jay Alicia: This is a trick question. LOL!

I listen to and learn from ALL DJs! There is something to learn from each and every one you listen to. You can even learn from mistakes (I learn from my own mistakes as well).

I’ve actually begun creating my own events. I’ve gathered a group of DJs, the VORTEX DJs, because I love hearing and playing alongside them. The group consists of DJ Scooter B, Tony Madd, G Whip, Brett Morrison, Nicky D’Vine, Jesus Martinez, Mickey Calvin, Fiddy Millz and DJ Boxx.

I am also a member of the Ascension group. A collective of individuals who promote and DJ events throughout Chicago and abroad. The Ascension group consists of founding members Red Diva, DJ Boxx, G Whip and Toni Marie with the addition of myself, Jesus Martinez and Fiddy Millz.

Outside of that, I love playing for and with people who enjoy what I do. From backyard parties to mega arenas. Being received well, enjoyed, and being paid for what you love to do is the real flex.

Looking forward, I would love to increase my territory, and spin more internationally. Being on a bill with great DJs from around the world is fantastic, but at the end it’s all about experiences. I’m looking forward to more music and great experiences that will last a lifetime.

GO BANG! Magazine: You are an “in-demand” DJ, appearing at numerous events throughout the year. You recently had an event at Chicago’s “Summer Dance”, in downtown Chicago. Are there any other upcoming events that you’d like our readers to look out for?

Dee Jay Alicia: A few upcoming events that I am excited about are as follows:

Sept 10th: Peoria, IL with the Pit Crew DJs
Sept 15th: Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL
Oct 19th to 23rd: I’m super excited about being invited to spin with the First Lady as a member of her “Love Team” at ADE in Amsterdam.

GO BANG! Magazine: In conclusion, GO BANG! Magazine would like to thank you for this interview and is there anything that you’d like to mention that we haven’t covered?

Dee Jay Alicia: I would like to thank you for the opportunity and interest. I appreciate your consideration.

GO BANG! Magazine: It was our pleasure Alicia…. Now you’ve been BANGED!

DJA also produces music and currently has two releases co-produced with Mike Dunn feat. The Black Widow under Terry Hunter’s T’s Box record label.

She also has self-produced original singles and remixes that can be found at the
links below:



Links to more info and how you can become a mentor are below:

More info can be found at http://www.deejayalicia.com

Pierre A. Evans is a freelance writer of Entertainment, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion and Current Events, and previously for SoulTrain.com, NDigo.com, ChicagoDefender.com, EmpireRadioMagazine.com, and UrbanMuseMag.com, an author, singer/songwriter, actor, model, poet, dancer, and DJ. He is also the Owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Productions and the Owner/Publisher of GO BANG! Magazine. Follow him on Facebook @Pierre Andre Evans, Twitter @Playerre, and on Instagram @Pierre_Andre_Evans.

All Photo Credits: Eric Williams

Born and raised in Chicago through two Belizean parents, Steve’s musical journey started at birth through osmosis. His journey marks are with vinyl, instruments, and action. His humble musical beginnings included guitar and piano lessons, as well as choirs until the Hot Mix 5 and Prince came into his life. Striving to do both, produce & DJ, he started his professional DJ career spinning in Army base clubs on and off post while serving. He also played guitar, bass, keys, and drums in many bands during his military career until he came back to Chicago.

In the fall of 1993, Steve landed a mix show jock position on Chicago’s #1 station, WGCI. By mixing smooth blends of House, Old School, Hip Hop, R&B and Reggae, Steve quickly became a household name. Since then, he has gone on to mixing for syndicated powerhouse SuperRadio, Tom Joyner, Doug Banks, doing production and remixes for Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley, Joe Smooth, DJ Kool, Janet Jackson, Erick Sermon, Tyrese, George Clinton, and Faith Evans.

During this time, he continued honing his craft producing which led to the meeting of Michele and Jaman Laws (son and daughter of Ronnie Laws). The trio produced “Brio As In Rio”, a jazzy-funky grown-up dance album. Through this piece and others, he started his record label, MMP Records, through another Chicago DJ Raphael, by selling his instrumental downtempo R&B tracks on CD for local dancers. Since then, he has produced U.K. soul siren Julie Dexter’s full-length album, “New Again” on Ketch-A-Vibe Records, released the “Bop Padow” EP on Unified Records, “Happy Place” EP on House4Life Records and the Julie Dexter “Make You Dance” EP with Vic Lavender’s Sophisticado Records.

It wasn’t until he released “Tribe Deep” on Void Digital Music, it was suggested that being a label instead of a DJ/producer/remix artist would be more lucrative. As a result, “Belizian Voodoo Priest” EP was released 2012. He has gone on to make countless releases on MMP Records, Shelf Life Music, T’s Box Records (Terry Hunter), Open Bar Music (Oscar P), Catch 22 (DJ Disciple) and Miggedy Entertainment. He also is a syndicated mix show DJ through the Digimix DJs @http://www.digimixdjs.com

GO BANG! Magazine: Let’s first start, if you don’t mind, by telling our readers the origin of the name Steve Miggedy Maestro, as well as some of the other monikers you go by, including Belizian Voodoo Priest, Morttimer Snerd III, The Beat-Trayers, and Sir Sound Bender.

Steve Miggedy Maestro: I will tell you the origin of my stage name. Prior to “Miggedy”, my DJ name was G.I. Jack. I was in the Army from ’86 -’91 so because I played House, it made sense. Around ’92, I was hired by DJ Fink to spin at the LaSalle Club. He asked me what my handle was, and I knew G.I. Jack wasn’t going to fly, so I changed it to Steve Maestro on the spot. The “Miggedy” part came courtesy of Rick Party once I got on WGCI in late ’93. When he used to introduce my name on Club 107.5, he would say “Steve Miggedy-Miggedy-Miggedy-Miggedy Maestro” just to throw some flavor and it stuck.

I came up Morttimer, Belizian Voodoo Priest, Sir Soundbender and The Beat-Trayers as production aliases for two reasons:

1.) I have so many styles, people not in the know will get confused. So, I wanted to put Morttimer in the Jackie House zone, Belizian Voodoo Priest for Afro, Sir Soundbender for Tech House, and The Beat-Trayers as a combo of all four. I wanted Steve to sing more. That’s discipline I lack, but I’m working on it.

2) People tend to put you in a box. They assume because I excel in one area, that I won’t be as good in anything else. Taking a page from the book of Prince, it put a sense of mystery about who these entities are and where are they from. Some people didn’t put two and two together, until they asked. Marketing.

GO BANG! Magazine: What was your child life like, growing up in Chicago with two Belizean parents, and how has your culture been infused in you and your creativity?

Steve Miggedy Maestro: I grew up in two different worlds. Belizean in the home, African / American outside. I got made fun of because I spoke the Queen’s English. Being short and dark, I was quiet until the music came on. I was born an art child. Wasn’t into sports or nothin’, just music and art. I went after my dad’s records as a baby, scratching them with my fingers, getting my butt beat and going right back to them. My parents, uncles, aunts, and older cousins had various music from everywhere, but mostly Calypso, Reggae, Rocker’s music, Funk, Jazz and Soul/R&B/Disco. My dad taught me everything he knew about music, records, and equipment. I decided that was going to be the rest of my life.

GO BANG! Magazine: Please describe how and when you discovered that you had an interest and talent in the arts, as well as when you KNEW that you wanted to pursue music professionally.

Steve Miggedy Maestro: I knew it when I came out the chute! Music was ALL I wanted to do. I also drew a lot, doing album cover art. I remember I was five years old running tunes at my grandma’s family gatherings, and she put five dollars in my pocket and said, “Now you’re a businessman.” That stuck with me!

My parents put me in guitar lessons at seven and piano at 10. I figured out the bass and drums in high school, listening to Prince. Meanwhile, “The Hot Mix 5” came into my life and that became my obsession. Buying music and figuring out how to make my own.

GO BANG! Magazine: You are now a worldwide known producer and DJ, but you had humble beginnings. Please describe some of the pivotal points in your life, or milestones in your life, that were game changing to your life, and led up to you being who you are today.

Steve Miggedy Maestro: It’s too many moments to list. But if I could pick one, it would be when I got hired at WGCI. So, up until then, I had been blending since I was 11. I was more than ready.

I remember my guy Ron Troupe told me about a contest to be the new DJ. I had been cheated out of so many contests, I wasn’t going to enter. My co-workers (I used to work at Coconuts record store back in the day) were like “Naw boy, go do that! You cold!” (I used to sell mixtapes in the store). I remember I had a bogus pager my guy sold me and I couldn’t figure out the voicemail. I kept getting these voicemails, but I cracked it finally. It was Elroy Smith, the Program Director, asking if I wanted a job. That call changed my life and put me on the path I sought to be on.

GO BANG! Magazine: You’ve worked with some of the powerhouse people in radio, including Tom Joyner, the late Doug Banks and the late and legendary Herb Kent. In the music industry, you’ve provided your production and remixing skills to Steve “Silk” Hurley, Joe Smooth, Janet Jackson, George Clinton, and many other notable talents. Can you please describe to our readers, what having opportunities like that have meant to you?

Steve Miggedy Maestro: It meant I was ready for greatness. I had been DJ’ing, a musician, producer, writer and sound engineer my whole life. It was just a matter of meeting the right people at the right time. And in truth, I had been manifesting it all since I was young. If I did talk, that’s all I talked about.

GO BANG! Magazine: In addition to being a successful DJ, you are also a multi-instrumentalist and the record label owner of MMP Records. You play guitar, bass, keys, and drums. How has being a musician influenced you as a DJ and vice versa?

Steve Miggedy Maestro: It’s all the same language. But, being a producer and a DJ are two different personalities. DJs have the edge of knowing what’s going to make the floor move more than a producer. Being a musician, I know the keys and sounds and can make things happen, quicker than a DJ. Triple threat!

GO BANG! Magazine: How would you describe your sound and the music that you create and how would you describe your DJ’ing style?

Steve Miggedy Maestro: My sound is clean, full, and bottom-heavy…both my oth DJ’ing and production work. I like to go with acoustic sounds, but with more 2022 bass on it. It makes a difference in the speakers, with the technology they have out now.

GO BANG! Magazine: You and your wife, Lady Laronda Maestro, are a beloved couple, here in Chicago and around the world, I’m sure. Lady Laronda is well-known and admired because of several reasons, including her beauty, inside and out, her healthy transformation, and the artsy and creative makeup and decorations she adorns her face with. How did you two meet, how would you describe Lady Laronda to someone that never met her, and how do you keep the love so fresh in your relationship?

Steve Miggedy Maestro: We met during both of our club phases. But we “MET MET” December 2009 at the Smart Bar. Brother Paul Johnson (R.I.P.) had gone through his second accident, so a group of people decided to have a benefit for him there. Lady was one of the hosts. We met in the DJ booth and sparks started flying.

As far as describing her, she loves to dance, cook, host and she LOVES being with ME (LOL!)

As far as keeping it fresh, I don’t know. It just does. We understand each other’s madness and there’s no jealousy between us as we get the same amount of attention when we’re outside; both of us are secure in our entities. We also keep everyone OUT of our relationship, and we stay out of everyone else’s.

GO BANG! Magazine: Who inspires you, in business, in music and in life?

Steve Miggedy Maestro: My Creator inspires everything.

GO BANG! Magazine: Being who you are and having the legendary musical history that you have, you have remained humble, down to earth, and kind. Many in the industry, at your level, have went “Hollywood”, if you know what I mean. How have you managed to remain level-headed and why is that important to you?

Steve Miggedy Maestro: I already had the big head early. I lost two important relationships because of it, so that’s how I humbled out. As I get older, I would see “Hollywood” come back and hinder or destroy careers, so I figured I need to be cool. Plus, NOBODY likes working with an arrogant artist. The one person you treat like dirt may be connected to the person you’ve been trying to get at.

GO BANG! Magazine: Is there any artist, DJ, or musical band (living or deceased) that you would LOVE to play or work with that you haven’t thus far?

Steve Miggedy Maestro: Prince and Michael Jackson.

GO BANG! Magazine: Chicago is the Mecca of House music, as well as it’s origins. Over the years, Chicago’s southside House community has had its ups and downs, as well documented on social media. How would you describe the House community here, in comparison to other states or countries, regarding community unity, competing DJs, and radio support of House music?

Steve Miggedy Maestro: All around the world, same song. Community and DJs. That’s just how people are. The people here are big on familiar music, spots, and people. But I’m sure it’s like that everywhere that there’s neighborhoods, schools, labor, etc.

Radio support. Do we need it at this point? I remember when radio was king. Not so much when you got YouTube, satellite radio and sites like TIDAL.

I selfishly like it underground the way it is, new or old music. If there are joints that make it commercial, bravo to them, get the bag. But the euphoria of hitting a classic or a new hot joint is why us DJs do what we do.

GO BANG! Magazine: The future of House music is secure. There are new up and coming DJs out there, like Chicago’s own J Star, and mainstream recording artists are putting their hats in the ring, like Drake and Beyonce. What is your outlook on the future of House music, as a genre and as a community, what do you think of the new up and coming DJs, and lastly, what is your opinion on Drake and Beyonce’s new music, which they are categorize as House music influenced?

Steve Miggedy Maestro: I don’t know about the future because were still trying to figure the past out lol! The problem is House is a culture AND a genre. There are people who still live in the culture that have not accepted House as a genre. To them, House left Chicago and became something else. That was the spilt in the 90s (Southside vs. northside). Then there are people that have went with the new sounds and did very well around the world, but it all still falls under the House umbrella.

The future of the community depends on the individuals participating in it. That’s why the youth are getting more into it now. I love the young DJs, but I hold everyone to the same standards… selections and skillset.

Drake and Beyonce. The thing that makes this unique is social media. Your opinion can be instant and global. So, it’s interesting to see the older folks trash it or embrace it. From a music trendsetter/label point of view, it’s great for the culture because it elongates our existence.

The vibration of music needs to change because so many of our young drill stars are getting smoked in broad daylight or OD-ing. Drill is the music that is the background to those demons. There’s no joy in it. House music (the genre) was made with JOY!

So, the fact that two of the biggest stars on the planet want to even go in that direction (because they personally never said it was House), I’m all for it because it brings it into the kids’ consciousness who never had House in their whole life! It brings it into the conversation to people who don’t know what House is. Older people had complained about House not reaching the youth; welp, here ya go! The fact that the world is TALKING about House again makes me happy.

GO BANG! Magazine: In conclusion, is there anything that you are currently working on or want to tell our international reading audience to be on the lookout for?

Steve Miggedy Maestro: Every Saturday I’m on live from the studio from 11a-1p CST at http://www.digimixdjs.com

Every 4th Monday(if you’re in Chicago), I’m the resident at The Family Den, 8940 S. Stony Island in Chicago!

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