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Established on the southside of Chicago in 2013, Tamarie T. & Thee Elektra Kumpany stand as torchbearers of a transformative musical odyssey, inviting audiences into the realm of Exotik Funk—an original, authentic sound curated by Tamarie T. himself.

Within this sonic universe, a rich tapestry unfolds, intricately weaving together the essence of musical icons such as James Brown, Prince, Rick James, Sly & The Family Stone Parliament Funkadelic, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Kid Creole & The Coconuts, The Time, Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, and numerous other luminaries. Yet, at the heart of this musical mosaic lies Tamarie T.’s image and boundless creativity, serving as the driving force behind innovation and the guiding light for the band’s unique sonic identity.

With Tamarie T.’s vision at the helm, Thee Elektra Kumpany curates a musical experience that transcends mere genres. Their compositions pulsate with the energy of Funk, the groove of Soul, and the avant-garde spirit of experimental music, resulting in an innovative sound that is distinctly their own.

In every note, rhythm, dance, and lyric, Tamarie T. & Thee Elektra Kumpany manifest a visionary fusion, drawing audiences into a world where tradition meets innovation, nostalgia intertwines with the contemporary, and music becomes a transformative force to uplift.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: When was the group formed and what brought you together, musically?

Tamarie T: Formed in 2013, The Elektra Kumpany consisted of a few of my well-respected, longtime mentors. As time went on, we began to grow into a musical production with a roster of rotating professional musicians young and old, from different backgrounds. Musically, we were all brought together by the high energy of the music I call Exotik Funk, as well as our mutual love for the performing arts.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Your sound blends multiple genres effortlessly. What are some of your biggest musical influences, both individually and as a band?

Tamarie T: Some of our biggest influences consist of James Brown, Little Richard, Johnny Guitar Watson, Jimi Hendrix, Sly and The Family Stone, Sun -Ra, Parliament Funkadelic, Rick James, Prince, Michael Jackson, Slave, Zapp & Roger Troutman, Bob Marley, and Fela Kuti, just to name a few.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: How does your Chicago upbringing influence your music and creative process?

Tamarie T: Growing up on the south side of Chicago gave me tough skin. This led me to putting myself out there, without the worry of being closed in or caring about what people had to say. I express myself freely through music and just overall being me. The most powerful way to get my creative process flowing is by releasing it through dance at various Chicago House music events. Being in that environment always gives me inspiration to come up with more exciting body bumpin, soul stirrin, shows and music.



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Collaborating brings a lot of different minds to the table. Cultivating multiple ideas, different musical perspectives, and solutions. It’s a refreshing healing experience for me when collabing with others, creating many new outlooks on life in music.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Walk us through your typical songwriting process. Do lyrics or music come first, and how do you collaborate on that?

Tamarie T: I usually write and produce the music. My writing process varies, often tapping into my soul, letting the music convey its messages to and through me. The music writes itself.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Your live shows are known for their energy and audience interaction. How do you prepare for, and approach live performances?

Tamarie T: I approach each live show with the most honor and respect, knowing it’s a high-level energy harvesting session. Bringing the audience that power that they didn’t know they needed. I practice daily discipline, meditating, studying some of my musical influences, staying healthy, elevating my spirit, and staying tight with rehearsal. But, most importantly, tending to self-growth. They are all major components in keeping performances memorable.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: What are some of the most memorable or challenging experiences you’ve had while performing?

Tamarie T: There are so many memories that all I can say is any performance, smooth or challenging, has taught me to remain positive and stay grounded no matter what. Even when faced with hiccups during a performance, remaining calm and sorting out obstacles is something I’ve learned to roll with, without it interfering with my “innergy” or hindering a show.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: What are your musical goals for the future, both individually and as a band?

Tamarie T: My individual plan is to inspire others through innovation and embody what it means to be authentic. Also, to give people the freedom to be in their genuine inner G.

The goal of the band is to Empower, Heal, Elevate, bring togetherness, and Love to all through the powah of Music and our Live Experiences

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: What message or feeling do you hope to leave with your listeners?

Tamarie T: Through authenticity and love, I want to leave people feeling healed, recharged, and activated.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: The Chicago music scene is diverse and vibrant. What are some other local artists you admire or have collaborated with?

Tamarie T: A few local artists I admire in the Chicago scene are Hip Hop artist Jovan Landry, Scoop and Cachè of The Lizm Muzik Group, Ohni and Rizing Deity, Gooze Wayne & The K.R.A, dancer Mocha Mocha 2.0 & Body Confidence for Queens, DJ Duane Powell, and DJ Khali Melon.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: You’re both known for your powerful stage presence and fashion sense. How does your visual identity contribute to your music?

Tamarie T: I am a living embodiment of my music, which I call ExotiK Funk.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: As Black man in the music industry, have you faced any unique challenges or experiences? If so, how have you navigated them?

Tamarie T: As an indigenous, melanated brotha facing certain appropriations in the music scene, [one challenge is] having culture vultures attempt to recreate and rebrand originality. I stand firm on being a pioneer in honoring the “Greats” before us and carrying the torch to light the path for what’s to come. To remind my people, WE are the creators of more than just Rap music.

I am Tamarie T., and this is ExotiK Funk!

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GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Well, thank you for this interview Tamarie T. and you have now been officially BANGED! GO BANG!!!

You can follow Tamarie T. on IG @elektra_kumpany



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