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Tyre Nichols, the 29-year-old motorist who died three days after a vicious beating by a group of Memphis police officers is being laid to rest on Wednesday (Feb. 1) in a ceremony that has seemed to become a morbid, and all too frequent ritual in Black America: the funeral of a young Black person who lost their life at the hands of law enforcement.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2023 was the day in Chicago, IL for a celebration of The Chosen Few Djs’ Terry Hunter being nominated for a Grammy Award, for the remix of Beyonce’s hit single “Break My Soul.” In addition to Terry Hunter being nominated, poet J. Ivy was also nominated for a Grammy Award and was celebrated as well.

Photo courtesy of GO BANG! Magazine

The Grammy celebration was held at The Loft, located at 2251 N. Lincoln Avenue and brought out ALL of Chicago House Royalty, including House legend Senior Robert Williams, Singer/Songwriter Chantay Savage, Singer Chuck “ThaVoice” Roberts (“In the Beginning There Was Jack….”), Singer/Songwriter Jon Pierce, legendary DJ/Producer/The Lodge club owner Craig Loftis, DJ/Producer Stacy Kidd, DJ/Producer Steve Miggedy Maestro, DJ/Producer Dee Jay Alicia, and DJ/Promoter Mz. Nicki Devine, to name a few.  All were there to congratulate and celebrate both, before they head out to Los Angeles for the big show!

Pierre A. Evans w/Chuck Roberts                Craig Loftis               Pierre A. Evans w/Stacy Kidd     Donald Burns & Afrika Porter

Photos courtesy of GO BANG! Magazine




Dani Deahl, President and Mark Hubbard, Former President of The Chicago Chapter of the Grammys hosted the event.


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The turntables were manned and BEAT by Terry Hunter, Wayne Williams, Julius “The Mad Thinker” and Emmaculate DJ.

Terry Hunter

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Kellie Croasdell Hayles


The Chosen Few DJs founder Wayne Williams

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Arlis Ball


Julius “The Mad Thinker”

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Zeke Torres




Photo courtesy of Facebook/Emmaculate

During the event, Terry played his Grammy nominated remix of Beyonce’s “Break My Soul” and J. Ivy blessed the crowd with a soul stirring poem and ALL of the Chicago artists and DJs that were in attendance all joined in on stage for a massive and historic Chicago Artist photo shoot with the Grammy reps and nominees. It was quite a night to remember!

Join GO BANG! Magazine and the entire Chicago House music community in congratulating and wishing Terry Hunter and J. Ivy luck in winning their Grammy awards!  

They’re already winners, just by being NOMINATED!!!


TERRY HUNTER                                                                J. IVY

GO BANG fellas!






Pierre A. Evans is a freelance writer of Entertainment, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion and Current Events, and previously for,,,, and, an author, singer/songwriter, actor, model, poet, dancer, and DJ. He is also the Owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Productions and the Owner/Publisher of GO BANG! Magazine. Follow him on Facebook @Pierre Andre Evans, Twitter @Playerre, and on Instagram @Pierre_Andre_Evans.


Photo courtesy of Kevin Burns


Kevin La’Don Burns, 26 years old, born in Chicago, but living in Atlanta, Georgia, is a senior at Talladega College in Talladega, Alabama. Currently, he’s a tumbler/performer for Cirque du Soleil’s “Cirque Dreams Holidaze.”

This is Kevin’s first experience tumbling for a globally recognized entertainment brand. Kevin explains, “This has been a very mind-opening experience for me with all the traveling across the country and working with different people from different countries with different backgrounds. Some of them have the same interests as me, as far as liking the same tv shows and music choices. We all learn from one another, whether it’s culturally or helping each other helping them make their set for the show look perfect.”

GO BANG! Magazine: When did you first get started in tumbling?

Kevin Burns: I started tumbling at the age of three. My mother put me in gymnastics.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Burns

GO BANG! Magazine: When did you first start with Cirque du Soleil and how did you react when you first found out that you had been selected to perform in their upcoming national touring production, Cirque Dreams Holidaze, which hits Chicago on  Thursday, December 22 – Saturday, December 24, 2022 @ The Auditorium Theatre, 50 Ida Wells Dr.?

Kevin Burns: I first started the 22nd of November of this year. I was excited and nervous, all at the same time. Just a bunch of mixed emotions really. I’m happy that I can finally get paid to do something that I love to do.



GO BANG! Magazine: Your parents, family and friends must be extremely proud of you because of this great opportunity you have been blessed with. Your father, Donald Burns, is one of my best friends, and he is so proud of you, being his only child. How does it feel to have your family and friends seeing you do what you love doing, professionally?

Kevin Burns: It’s an exciting feeling really. My family already knows that I tumble, but they’ve never seen me tumble fully, and in person. So, I’m ready to give them a show to remember!


Kevin Burns Summer 2014 Tumbling

Video courtesy of Super Kami Guru/YouTube


GO BANG! Magazine: For our readers that plan to see Cirque du Soleil’s Cirque Dreams Holidaze when it comes to their city, what exactly are you doing in the show and what characters are you portraying?

Kevin Burns: The show is Christmas themed, so they’re different acts that correlate to the theme. There will be gingerbread men, penguins, etc.


GO BANG! Magazine: Your family, friends and GO BANG! Magazine will be attending Cirque Dreams Holidaze when it hits Chicago December 22nd – 24th. How does it feel to be performing in your hometown in front of your family and friends and does that make you feel more nervous or more confident knowing they’re out there in the audience watching?

Kevin Burns: It does indeed make me nervous, but I’ve been tumbling in front of people all my life. I used to get nervous, but now I just get hyper, the bigger the crowd.

Photo courtesy of Kevin Burns


GO BANG! Magazine: In conclusion, I want you to know that GO BANG! Magazine and I are so proud of all that you have accomplished thus far. You’re like a nephew to me and you’re a very intelligent and talented young man. You’ve done so much already and the future is so bright for you.

Thank you for granting me this interview Kevin.  You have now been officially BANGED! GO BANG!




You can follow Kevin Burns and witness his tumbling performances on:

(click) Facebook @Kevin Burns and Instagram @LuhFlip_96.

Pierre A. Evans is a freelance writer of Entertainment, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion and Current Events, and previously for,,,, and, an author, singer/songwriter, actor, model, poet, dancer, and DJ. He is also the Owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Productions and the Owner/Publisher of GO BANG! Magazine. Follow him on Facebook @Pierre Andre Evans, Twitter @Playerre, and on Instagram @Pierre_Andre_Evans.



Cirque Dreams Holidaze

CIRQUE DREAMS HOLIDAZE lights up the stage in this popular and dazzling family holiday spectacular. This annual tradition wraps a whimsical, Broadway-style musical infused with contemporary circus artistry into the ultimate holiday gift for the entire family!

This critically acclaimed extravaganza is sure to dazzle any audience as Broadway World proclaims it, “The Perfect Holiday Gift… a show that everyone will enjoy.” Audiences of all ages will marvel at soaring acrobatics, gravity defying feats and extravagant theatrical production numbers the Boston Globe hails as “Entrancing… Las Vegas meets family entertainment.”

Cirque Dreams is a Cirque du Soleil Entertainment Group Company and will tour the United States in more than 40 cities in 2022.  For more information, visit



Pierre A. Evans is a freelance writer of Entertainment, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion and Current Events, and previously for,,,, and, an author, singer/songwriter, actor, model, poet, dancer, and DJ. He is also the Owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Productions and the Owner/Publisher of GO BANG! Magazine. Follow him on Facebook @Pierre Andre Evans, Twitter @Playerre, and on Instagram @Pierre_Andre_Evans.

Ticketsare on saleat the Auditorium Theatre box office,Auditorium Theatre,50 Ida B. Wells Dr. inChicago,,orby calling (312) 341-2342.Groups of 10 or more may reserve ticketsby contacting Group Sales at 312.341.2300.About Cirque DreamsThe Cirque Dreams franchise is a globally recognized entertainment brand that has produced shows forBroadway, theatre tours, casinos, theme parks, resorts, cruise lines and venues worldwide. Since 1993over 50 million people have experienced a Cirque Dreams show garnering criticalacclaim fromUSAToday,Associated Press, theNew York Timesand Today Show.Cirque Dreams is critically acclaimed forimagining, creating and producing whimsical theatrical spectacles ofa Broadway-styleproduction infusedwithcontemporary circusarts.Cirque Dreams Holidazewill tour the United States in over 40 cities in 2022.Cirque Dreams is a Cirquedu Soleil Entertainment Group Company.For more information, visit the Auditorium TheatreThe Auditorium Theatre, located at 50 E Ida B Wells Dr in Chicago, is an Illinois, not-for-profitorganization committed to presenting the finest in international, cultural, community, and educationalprogramming to all of Chicago and beyond asThe Theatre for the People. The organization also iscommitted to the continued restoration and preservation of theNational Historic Landmark. For moreinformation, # #


Friday, December 9, 2022

Location to be announced to TICKET HOLDERS/MEMBERS ONLY




Khari Bowden – The Church of the Funky Soul presents – THEE DEBAUCHERY BALL


The Debauchery Ball is a celebration of sensuality, liberation, and consent from a Black cultural lens. We reserved inclusive melanated spaces because African descendants across the diaspora deserve and are worthy of having places to feel safe, protected, and free where we may fully express our beauty, creativity, and sensuality, away from the European gaze and of our own making. House music is our foundation. Freedom is our creed. Lames, creeps, and inhibitions are strictly prohibited.


Fantasy Ball

October 29th, 2022
St. Petersburg, FL

Representation, liberation, and a combination of Black fairies, cosplayers, and lifestyle communities in a beautiful collaboration with friends in Florida are behind this presentation. In sync with the DBall, a premium play space is arranged for creative expressions, kinks, and costuming complete with the most heart-racing soundtrack to keep the People moving all the night through.

Thee Debauchery

December 9th, 2022
Chicago, IL

The Afrofuturistic Black BDSM-themed flagship of the series. 18 years running, the DBall is the defining celebration borne out of the sensual and electric nature of Chicago’s House music culture. Today it is an audience revered, protected space for POCs to marvel and be marveled at as living works of art and experience an uninhibited abandon they may not have known they needed. It’s a sensory engaging feast designed 2 fill its attendees up with joy and a greater sense of self simply by being their most beautiful selves.


Summer 2023
Chicago, IL

Once upon a time some of the liveliest people in the Western zodiac born under particular signs were forced to celebrate their entrance into this world in the wintertime, specifically in the Midwest. Such an egregious error and insulting assault has been corrected with WBR, a summer Debauchery celebration.

PAINTED, DARK & DIVINE is a living exhibition of AfroEroticism, dance, and Black divinity. Think Met Ball but WAY nakeder, sweatier and more Afrocentric!

The Rebirth Reverie 

Spring 2023
New Orleans, LA

Can you feel a brand new day? Honoring the hemisphere’s actual new year/Spring equinox, the doors of the “Church” open to costume, dance, and sweat into the wee hours of the night in one of the most celebratory cities in the country, New Orleans! The wonderful world of Oz (in the spirit of “the Wiz”) is the theme. Attendees wear elaborate costumes of red, gold, or green; to be seen.



What is Thee Debauchery Ball?

THE DEBAUCHERY BALL LIVING EXHIBITION IS, on its face, a tasteful, erotically-themed festival series where music, art, and live performance are synthesized into a memorable, highly-charged, sensual, sensory-engaging experience. Its foundation, however, is an odyssey into the world of sexual boundaries and allowance; into the protocol, custom, and social mores; into evolving attitudes and individual empowerment. It is a celebration of brown bodies freed from societal norms and conventional sexual expression. It’s a study of the relationship between collective freedom and individual comfort, all from a Black cultural lens. It’s a party but…

Y’all did a documentary about the ball?

Yes! We did! The story of Chicago’s Afro-futuristic, BDSM/kink/fetish-themed House music party and how it has reshaped the Black social scene and challenged the narratives of Black sexuality. Thee Debauchery Ball, tells the story of a single house music event that was intended to pay reverence to the original intention of House Music culture of Chicago. Born in 2005, it has grown to become the only
fetish-themed, BDSM-friendly, body-positive, House party in the city. It has helped to redefine Black music, community, art, and sexuality, all topics that are often maligned in the Black community. The documentary tells the personal story of the founder, the DJs, and the participants who look upon this event and the culture within as a bastion of freedom and an escape from preconceived notions.



For more information, go to the WEBSITE

As seen and captured by Seed Lynn.
Ring by CopperCandy
Shirt by Mike Sims

Khari Bowden: “I make poetry a contact sport.”

4 booking:



Pierre A. Evans is a freelance writer of Entertainment, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion and Current Events, and previously for,,,, and, an author, singer/songwriter, actor, model, poet, dancer, and DJ. He is also the Owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Productions and the Owner/Publisher of GO BANG! Magazine. Follow him on Facebook @Pierre Andre Evans, Twitter @Playerre, and on Instagram @Pierre_Andre_Evans.

Welcome to The Chatter Box With King Jacob
Live 🎬🎬🎬🎬🌎🌎🌎🌎
Special Invited Guest
Pierre Andre Evans
Chicago Illinois
Community Innovator/ Social Influencer


“Inside The Minds Of Entertainers” Book Link:


Inside The Minds Of Entertainers

Photo courtesy of Jacob Anderson II


Greeting friends and family!
Please join me this evening, Tuesday 12/6/22 @ 8pm cst, as I am interviewed on the “The Chatter Box With King Jacob.”


Please join us tonight and SHARE this link with everyone that you know.

Welcome to The Chatter Box With King Jacob
Live Tonight at 8pm cst / 9PM EST 🎬🎬🎬🎬🌎🌎🌎🌎
Special Invited Guest
Pierre Andre Evans
Chicago Illinois
Community Innovator/ Social Influencer

About Mr. Evans
Publisher, Journalist, Author, DJ, Dancer

Pierre Andre’ Evans has taken the publishing, literary and entertainment industries by storm. As a former writer/journalist for the iconic Soul Train brand, the historic Chicago Defender newspaper, and the ground-breaking N’Digo Magapaper, Evans has earned the right to emerge as the owner and publisher of his own innovative publication, GO BANG! Magazine.

GO BANG! Magazine,, founded in April 2020 during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, is written, edited, and published by Pierre Andre’ Evans. It is internationally known as the “go to” informational, educational and entertainment resource, providing readers with in-depth reporting on ground-breaking people, places, and events, which are having positive impacts on the world.

A proud, active member of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) and its’ Chicago chapter (NABJCC), Evans is a sought-after freelance writer who contributes entertainment, music, theater, film, art, culture, fashion, dance, and current event write-ups in countless prominent publications throughout the world. One of his most momentous interviews was with Eric Monte, the creator of such significant television shows as Good Times, The Jefferson’s, What’s Happening, and the coming-of-age comedy-drama movie Cooley High.

Pierre’s writing prowess does not end with publishing magazines, he is also an accomplished author. Inside The Minds of Entertainers, self-published in April 2018 and available on Amazon, is a well-received, thought-provoking collection of interviews with 22 well-known, and not-so-well-known celebrities.


When each were asked 10 intriguing philosophical, spiritual, and political questions, their responses reveal an insightful look into their psyche. It exposes a side to them that you never knew existed. One of the most notable celebrity participants in the book was the late Cuba Gooding, Sr., who earned the book’s dedication. His interview took place three weeks prior to his life’s transition and may arguably be one of his last interviews given.

Inside The Minds Of Entertainers

His responses to the questions about his purpose in life and the possibility of life after death, are haunting, knowing he passed on three weeks later. Inside The Minds of Entertainers has received great critical reviews and is a highly celebrated book.

As an entertainer, Pierre is a former actor/model, appearing in various roles in five of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including Home Alone II, Richie Rich, The Negotiator, Never Been Kissed and Road to Perdition. He has also graced fashion runways wearing the accoutrements of various fashion designers and has been the subject of numerous photo shoots.

As a DJ under his company Pinnacle Entertainment Productions, DJ Playerre, as he is known in the House music community, has the stellar reputation as the DJ that “gets you up and leaves you dead on the dancefloor!” That is one helluva calling card. He is also known as the one and only Andre’ Pierre “The Dancing Machine,” a prolific hired club dancer that is known to inspire and promote joyful dancing at venues and events.

Pierre Andre’ Evans the brand, embodies quality, integrity, dependability, and creativity. When you partake in the world of Pierre Andre’ Evans, whether it is a special event, an entertainment piece, or literary media, you can expect an unparalleled level of gratification and pure bliss, that only Pierre Andre’ Evans can provide

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EMC announces final Conference Speakers & Festival Line Up of more than 150 artists including Calvin Harris, Green Velvet, Anna Lunoe, John ‘Jammin’ Collins (Underground Resistance), Anna Morgan, Joseph Capriati, Nina Kravitz

Electronic Music Conference (EMC) celebrates its 10 year anniversary under the theme ‘Decade Of Dance: 2012 – 2022’. They have now announced their full speaker and festival line up, which includes more than 80 speakers from across the industry with influential global players. Maintaining a strong focus on diversity and inclusivity, this year’s line up will further showcase speakers and performers with representatives from Asia, Europe, USA, First Nations community leaders, LGBTQ+ pioneers, whilst giving a firm nod to the original curators of electronic and dance music from Chicago and Detroit.

John ‘Jammin’ Collins (Underground Resistance) said:
“I am excited to participate in the Electronic Music Conference and share my unique perspective of being involved in techno since it was created in Detroit by four African American men and also as a frequent participant in the Australian music scene as a touring performer. Electronic music and the culture surrounding it continues to shift and change in Detroit, Sydney, and around the globe creating opportunities and obstacles that vary depending on where you are. One question shared in all of these markets is “who creates and controls the culture?”. Streaming services and social media are so prevalent you could understand why their influence is so strong – however the answer is the same today as it was 40 years ago when it started – it’s the community.”

Eora/Sydney artist Moss said ahead of his masterclass at EMC:
“First Nations dance music is on the rise and there’s so much talent out there waiting to be heard. Music and dance are part of who we are, and how can we create an ongoing space for the future to foster rising electronic artists? I’m excited to have a yarn alongside some great mob discussing ways we could give access, resources and support for electronic musicians in cities but more importantly remote communities.”

The roster includes a compelling selection of pivotal brands including Red Bull, Warner Music Australia, Strawberry Fields Festival, Astral People, Glasgow Underground, NITV, triple j Unearthed, Green Music Australia, Spore Festival, Bakehouse Studio, FBi Radio, NSW Government and the City Of Sydney.

The prominent EMC10 Festival further highlights exactly why EMC has become a trusted and innovative model. Running for a consecutive 10 years they have continued to drive the envelope forward. This years Festival line up covers a diverse range of artists and crosses genres with Calvin Harris, Green Velvet, Sub Focus Boyz Noize, Caribou, Joseph Capriati, John Summit, Cosmic Gate, Richie Hawtin, Len Faki and Nina Kravitz as a part of 150+ artists across 35 events on the festival program running from November 25th until December 15th.

The program commences with EMC’s Emerging Artists Showcase, curated by Dave Ruby Howe (triple j Unearthed Music Director). This will accentuate the current abundance of electronic music talent throughout Australia, aiming to help discover and uncover the most exciting next generation artists breaking through.

On the Emerging Artist Showcase, Dave Ruby Howe said:
“From the talent pool that applied to perform at EMC 2022, it’s clear that this generation of Australian artists has remained creative and vibrant in the face of the last few years of hardship. Producers, solo acts and bands have been finding new ways to hook in audiences and build their communities with them. The crop that we’ve selected for this year shows how the local scene is responding to fresh influences and innovating their own sounds; we’ve got emergent hyperpop party starters, hypnotic lo-fi house selectors, and future club stars bound for main stages all smooshed together like a colourful electronic tapestry.”

This special 10th anniversary edition of EMC will see an increased expansion that now stretches across multiple local government areas across the Sydney CBD, Inner West, Western Sydney and Northern Beaches.

A marquee event on the Festival Program is EMC presents ‘Decades of Dancing’ at Powerhouse Late on Thursday December 1st. Celebrating milestone anniversaries of EMC (10th), Roland (50th), Vicious (30th), Hardware (30th), Condesa (10th), Charades (10th), Motorik (10th) and Lucky Ent. (10th), this promises to be a birthday bash of epic proportions. Taking over the Powerhouse Museum, the event features DJs, installations, exhibitions and talks from 5pm – 9pm.

EMC Director Jane Slingo said:
“We’re thrilled to celebrate not only our own milestone but also the milestone of respected friends, businesses, partners and brands that have contributed so much for a decade or more. The Powerhouse Late takeover will feature a wide range of sights and sounds from across the spectrum of electronic and dance music, and is free to attend – so we can’t wait to welcome everyone to celebrate with us.”

This monumental celebration is set to put the Asia Pacific’s Electronic Music scene back on the map and prove to be a necessary strategic destination for all artists, labels and events.

Growth of EMC
Over the past five years, the EMC platform has seen immense growth and expansion, more than tripling its verticals to include a diverse and forward-thinking offering. These include the annual conference for industry professionals and artists, next generation scholarships for emerging talent, the annual festival with underground parties and larger-scale events, the EMC Connect series of virtual events that analyse current trends and challenges, break-through artist showcases, the global United We Stream network, special events and initiatives in collaboration with a range of partners from not-for-profits to artistic institutions, research projects including the mental-health-focussed ‘AKAR’ and the ‘Club Culture Census’, and ‘SYNC’, a fully immersive VR club experience.

At EMC10, 8,000+ estimated combined attendees are expected across the activities which includes EMC10 CONFERENCE, EMC10 FESTIVAL, EMERGING ARTISTS SHOWCASE, EMC FILMS PROGRAM and SPECIAL ANNIVERSARY CLOSING EVENT.

EMC Conference Program

EMC Conference Speakers

EMC Festival Program

EMC presents ‘Decades of Dancing’ at Powerhouse Late

Last chance to buy Industry and Artist Passes

More information available
Social Media Instagram | TikTok | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube | LinkedIn

All photos courtesy of:  Just Mic “Da Poet”


Just Mic “Da Poet” was born Michael E. Williams on January 2, 1978, on the southside of Chicago in the Roseland neighborhood. At the age of 21, he developed a deep passion for poetry and writing after the sudden death of his younger sister, Larenya Elisa Williams in 1999. Shortly after her passing, he wrote his first poem titled “A Letter To Baby Sister.”

After years of writing hundreds of poems and songs, Just Mic was again inspired to take his talents further after entering a spoken word competition in 2012. Even though he did not place, Just Mic was offered his first feature performance at Hot Sauce Poetry, an Inspirational Poetry set on the westside of Chicago. Since that night, Just Mic has gone on to feature and perform live on hundreds of stages throughout Chicago, as well as the United States. He also released his first Spoken Word album in December of 2012. Shortly after, he began organizing and hosting various “Open Mics” and concerts.

In 2013, he was awarded as the BEST NEW ARTIST AND HOST OF THE YEAR, presented by the P.O.E.T organization. In 2014, he became a two-time published author in the P.O.E.T Anthology Vol. 2 and released his first personal book “POETIC SCRIPTURES: The Life, Growth & Journey of Michael E. Williams.” In 2018, Just Mic also released his second self-published poetry book “Recovery: Church Hurt vs. Church Love.”

Just Mic “Da Poet” has had the opportunity to interview live on various radio stations, television, and magazines, including 1570am WBGX, Prayze Cafe, Chi-City Underground, 88.9Fusion Radio, and 102.3fm. Television stations include Can TV, Ch.19, Channel 26UToo, Inspirational Television (Roku), Spoken Word Magazine, Speak Life, Chicago Bridge as one of the top 20 Poets Worldwide, and Gospel Magazine 3:16.

Just Mic has also shared the stage with many talented poets, singers, and comedians such as B. Cole, Damon Williams, Red Storm, Reggie Reg, Jeff B, Spank E., Moe-Mentum, Gemstones, The Jessie White Tumblers, Crucial Conflict, Gospel group Shelby 5, and many others.

In just 10 years of performing, Just Mic “Da Poet” has been awarded 18 times for various awards and nominated 17 times for the National Spoken Word Awards, becoming a 7X National Award Winner, 5-Time Spiritual Poet of the Year, Spoken Word Artist of the year (2017) and Best Spoken Word Album of the year (2018) “Save Our Streets.” Just Mic “Da Poet” is also a 2X Slam Champion. He was announced as the 1st place winner for Totally Positive Productions (2021) Talent and Poetry Competition, as well as being awarded as the 1st place winner of the 2022 Galaxy of Poets National Competition.

Just Mic “Da Poet” is a 3X Recording Artist. He has released his second and third Spoken Word Albums; “Save Our Children, Save R Streets” (2017) and “Depths of a Poet’s Soul” album (2021) making it available worldwide at online music Stores. His “Depths of a Poet’s Soul” album was also submitted and accepted for nominations for the 2023 Grammy Awards, being their first inaugural submissions for the Best Spoken Word Poetry Album category.

In October of 2022, Just Mic “Da Poet” organized the first National Spoken Word Poetry and Writers Conference held at the Bronzeville Vincennes, LLC in Chicago IL, providing workshops, seminars and honored other poets and supporters for their dedication and work to the Spoken Word and Poetry Community!

Just Mic “Da Poet’s” hard work and dedication to poetry has led him to be featured on some major stages, such as performing live at Wintrust Arena for the WNBA Chicago Sky Halftime Show (2022) as well as speaking and performing at Trinity United Mega Church for their 2019 Kwanzaa Celebration!

Just Mic “Da Poet” says to “always believe in yourself, follow your passions and love the gifts that God has blessed you with. Continue to use them and your gifts will make room for you!”

GO BANG! Magazine: How would you describe your childhood?

Just Mic “Da Poet”: My childhood was an experience! It was in 1981 that my parents moved our family from the southside of Chicago (Roseland) further south to the suburb of Dolton, IL. We transitioned from where there was predominantly African Americans and where there was often poverty, crime and violence making the neighborhood at times unsafe to reside. The suburbs however, was little to no crime and was much safer and more motivating to pursue an education. There were still other challenges that I had to deal with as a child being one of the only black children in my classroom. It was different but I managed and then years later, the ethnicity would change to being dominantly Black. The crime would eventually increase and so did the peer pressure of being involved with drugs and gangs! I’m thankful however, to have never gotten in too deep with gang or drug activity, not to say that I was a perfect adolescent or teen. I think I blended right in and felt more comfortable being around those that could relate to me.

GO BANG! Magazine: You began writing poetry as a response to the passing of your younger sister. How did that inspire you?

Just Mic “Da Poet”: Well yes, it was definitely inspiring, but her unexpected passing had also become an outlet for me to heal and express myself through poetry. I had no idea that such a painful tragedy would lead to my success and finding my purpose in life!

GO BANG! Magazine: Are you a spoken word artist, a poet or both and what’s the difference between the two?

Just Mic “Da Poet”: I would consider myself a Spoken Word Artist, but a poet and writer first. I would not be able to perform as an artist without first writing and putting my thoughts on paper. And that’s basically the difference between being a poet and becoming a Spoken Word Artist! Being an artist requires more work, you must memorize your work while acting it out on stage and becoming more engaged with your audience. As a poet you can get away with just writing books and reading your poetry in a more calm and relaxed setting. You’re not focused so much on stage presence, memorizing and audience engagement.

GO BANG! Magazine: How would you describe your poetry style?

Just Mic “Da Poet”: Great question! Actually, I’ve been told that I am not a poet, but more of a lyricist! I would say that I am versatile. I actually write according to what type of poem that I am writing. If the emotion is intense, I’ll more than likely perform at a more aggressive pace. My voice may sound different, but that’s only because of my mindset when the poem was written. For example, a very intimate poem would be more like a soothing conversation. I’m more shy, relaxed, and calm while writing love stories. So yes, my voice will be different and so will my demeanor.

GO BANG! Magazine: CONGRATULATIONS! You are also a two-time published author. Please describe both of your books to our readers.

Just Mic “Da Poet”: Thank you! And yes, I wrote my first poetry book in 2014 titled “Poetic Scriptures: The Life, Growth and Journey of Michael E Williams” and then I wrote “Recovery: Church Hurt vs. Church Love” which is dominantly a spiritual book of poems and quotes. You can find both of those books at your online Amazon bookstore and Poetic Scriptures, also on Barnes and Noble.


GO BANG! Magazine: Who inspired you in your beginning years and who inspires you now?

Just Mic “Da Poet”: In my beginning years, I didn’t know any poets, but I was inspired by other music artists such as Tupac Shakur, LL Cool J, Nas, Common, and Michael Jackson to name a few. I just really loved the way that they worked hard and were passionate about making albums, traveling the world, and making music. They touched people’s lives from all walks of life and from all over the world. You could always relate to the music that they were creating.

As far as now, I would say that a lot of my inspiration comes from my peers. Being around so many talented poets and artists inspires me to become even more great. Then looking back at how far I’ve come as a person and artist, I have also become my own inspiration.

GO BANG! Magazine: If you had the opportunity to perform or work with any poet/spoken word artist, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Just Mic “Da Poet”: I would first have to say the late Langston Hughes would be a poet that I would have loved to work with simply because of his wisdom and by him being a part of writing during the Civil Rights Movements! His work would bring some of the best work out if me. I would consider Nas and Common as well. In a way, they are still to me. Yes, I would love to work with them. They are all amazing writers and icons. I am also a fan of Grammy nominated Spoken Word Poet J. Ivy. I would love to work with him as an artist. He would also bring out the best in me.

GO BANG! Magazine: You are also a three-time recording artist with spoken word albums under your belt. Please describe these recordings.

Just Mic “Da Poet”: I released my first album, which was an EP introduction of five tracks, in 2012. My second album “Save Our Children, Save Our Streets” was released in 2017, which I won a national award for The Best Spoken Word Album of the Year. Then, my most recent album “Depths of a Poet’s Soul” was released in November of 2021. That album is more of a personal album. I get more detailed about my life experiences and deepest thoughts.

GO BANG! Magazine: How did you find out that your album “Depths of a Poet’s Soul” was accepted for nomination for the 2023 Grammy Awards, where were you and how did you feel?

Just Mic “Da Poet”: Well, I had submitted my album to be accepted knowing that the Spoken Word Poetry Community had our own category for Spoken Word Poetry album submissions. It was about a few weeks later after submitting that I found out. I was at home at the time, just relaxing and promoting an upcoming event. I received an email late in the afternoon letting me know that my album was accepted and that I was a part of the first inaugural submissions for Best Spoken Word Poetry Album! I felt great, wonderful and I felt that everything that I have been working hard for was paying off! It’s a win for me no matter what happens. I’m just grateful to be a part!

GO BANG! Magazine: Just last month in October, you organized the first National Spoken Word Poetry and Writers Conference. It was held here in Chicago. Why did you feel the need to produce this event and how did the event turn out?

Just Mic “Da Poet”: Yes, after over 20 years of writing and 10 years of performing, I felt that it was time for me to give back and to share with others some of the things that I have encountered and learned as a writer, poet, and Spoken Word artist. I can say that everything went well. It was also an experience for me. I am now motivated to teach and really look forward to presenting more workshops and conferences.

GO BANG! Magazine: This Friday, November 4th, you will be a featured poet performing at the Spoken Word Concert at University of Chicago’s Logan Center for the Arts. Tell us about this upcoming event and what can attendees expect?

Ticket link:

Just Mic “Da Poet”: Yes, I will be performing Friday October 4th, 2022, at The Logan Center for Arts Reva and David Theater. It is a beautiful theater and I believe that it will definitely bring the best out of me as an artist. I look forward to performing for Totally Positive Productions’ Sponsored Concert and Showcase.

GO BANG! Magazine: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Just Mic “Da Poet”: Honestly, I just want to keep getting better and growing. I love helping others, so to have an established non-profit organization would be my number one goal within the next five years. Also, hopefully I will be writing for other artist full-time, as well and traveling more of the world and getting paid more to perform my Spoken Word poetry, while uplifting others to use their gifts and follow their dreams as well.

GO BANG! Magazine: If you weren’t a poet, what would you be doing?

Just Mic “Da Poet”: I love coaching sports and scouting athletes, but I really can’t imagine myself doing anything else man. I probably wouldn’t even be here! Poetry has literally saved my life.

GO BANG! Magazine: What can our readers expect from you in the near future and upcoming years?

Just Mic “Da Poet”: On Saturday, November 5th, I will be conducting a virtual Poetry and Writers Workshop, from 6pm -8pm CT. They can also expect more books, more albums, and an even better poet and artist!

GO BANG! Magazine: Mike, in conclusion, we have known each other for years and even performed at some of the same talent shows and events, back in the day when I was singing under the moniker of Playerre. Since then, we have both went on and excelled in our professions. What advice would you give to an aspiring poet or Spoken Word artist?

Just Mic “Da Poet”: Yes, it has been a minute. Congratulations to you and thanks again for having me. I would tell any young poet and Spoken Word artist to first love what you do, enjoy it, be yourself and be comfortable with the creator that you are. When you write and create, you become a part of history, so be proud of yourself. Also, practice frequently, stay consistent, believe in yourself, and continue to use your gifts that God has blessed you with.

GO BANG! Magazine: Thank you Just Mic “Da Poet” for this interview and good luck with all that you are doing. You have now officially been BANGED! GO BANG!

Here is one of Just Mic “Da Poet’s” poems:

You Will Not Use Me

You will not use me
You will not pimp me
I worked too hard for this
This talent is my gift
I did all the sacrifice to get here
This is my time
I took those chances I took those risks
Not knowing what was to come or if this was it
You will no longer use me
Treat me as if you don’t care
Pay me according to your budget and affairs
No I will not volunteer
Yes I have a price
I also have a message and purpose for my life
No money? then I won’t be sending out no invites
I’ll work with whom is important in my life
Who sees me as an investment, a partnership and blessing
You see at this moment my time and value is not to be messed with
So, you and anything you have going on is irrelevant
You jankie promoters, artist that’s all about themselves
You want me to do for you what you won’t and have never done for me,
So, naw you don’t get free their is no ill see or maybe,
I’ll treat you how you treated me and that means I’ll continue to act like you don’t exist
I won’t like nothing; I won’t send you any love for your accomplishments, it can be outstanding but I won’t acknowledge it, the only time I’ll comment is if I don’t agree with a post you did
That’s exactly how you did me, I’ll never forget
You will Not use me sir
No I won’t pay for no radio airplay
Also, the Next person that I accept then right away you come in my inbox; saying Hi 👋 you immediately blocked
You will not use me! No I’m not paying for your contest or your giveaway slots
And don’t give me no tickets to sale without a deposit
I’m not your promoter, you need to hire someone else for that job,
I’m not sharing nothing; that takes up my time
You want all these things done but you’re not willing to pay me a dime
You got me messed up what type of artist do you think I am fam
It’s just no respect, no consideration of my worth
Well you gone learn today
Goodbye you can continue the hell on with your
Artist search
Why can’t you find a sponsor?
Why can’t you work more harder and more smarter?
Send me a deposit then I’ll put it on my calendar
I’ll work with you or even work harder than I’m suppose to because I know now that you see my worth and value
Them old ways of doing things yall need to stop that, change those old traditional schemes
Be more creative and use your brains
Come up with your own strategies and different ways of marketing things
But naw I see you disagree and I know what you think of me
But from this day forward you will not use me
I won’t let you
I am a trendsetter, I know people see me and they copy me
Yeah I saw you had an event
I acted like it didn’t exist
The same way you did me
I’m busy, been busy for the past 5 years now focusing on me
It works both ways you see
I do for you what you do for me
But for some that’s just the hardest thing
If you think I’m mean well it’s probably because I’ve been far too nice of a human being, throughout the years; I have let many people use me, they didn’t appreciate me, some still owe me their support and unpaid loans and fees, features and shows promised but they were never received, you see its a lot of things that go on behind the scenes, many churches have turned they lights out on me, they then collected funds from the fans and supporters that came out for me, I’ve been amongst many snakes and hypocrites, if I gave those list of names you probably wouldn’t even believe, but its alright its cool though because I know what God has for me it will be given to me, I know I will grow, continue to prosper and succeed, I still will pray for you and forgive you for your wrong deeds, you see I will reap my harvest from those living and even dead seeds, but never again you won’t use me for your own brand and needs
You Will Not Use Me

Written By: Michael E. Williams
Just Mic “Da Poet”
POEM | #90


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U.S. Indigenous Peoples’ Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October, on October 10 this year, to honor the cultures and histories of the Native American people. The day is centered around reflecting on their tribal roots and the tragic stories that hurt but strengthened their communities.

The second Monday of October has been a national holiday for close to a century, but this will be only the second year that Indigenous Peoples Day has held that designation.

The celebrating of an Indigenous Peoples Day took root in 1977 at an international conference on discrimination sponsored by the United Nations. It’s grown as a day to honor Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures.

Last year when Biden issued the proclamation for Indigenous Peoples Day, he also issued a proclamation of Columbus Day, established by Congress and first recognized as a national holiday in 1934 by President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In his 2021 speech, Biden praised the role of Italian Americans in U.S. society, but also referenced the violence and harm Columbus and other explorers of the age brought about on the Americas.

“We also acknowledge the painful history of wrongs and atrocities that many European explorers inflicted on tribal nations and Indigenous communities,” Biden said. “It is a measure of our greatness as a nation that we do not seek to bury these shameful episodes of our past – that we face them honestly, we bring them to the light, and we do all we can to address them.”