Bari Gee aka BIMPGOD, a Hyde Park, Chicago native, has always been into music since his third-grade teacher put him in the school talent show to RAP and he won. Since then, Bari has been developing his rap and fashion style and has stayed active and relevant in the Chicago music scene.

BIMPGOD is the stage name that you can find all of his latest music on. He chose that name because it stands out and people wouldn’t confuse him with anyone else. BIMP which rhymes with PIMP, is an acronym that means “Beautiful Individual Making Progress” added with GOD. BIMPGOD was created in 2012 when he linked up with Smokebooth, Los and Fist. Since then, Bari has dropped videos on YouTube under the name.

Bari developed his musical sound over the years. He’s known for rapping over soul samples with heavy bass matching, with a smooth voice and witty lyrics. He collabed with another high school friend / producer Jremy, now known as DJ Audio 808s. DJ Audio 808s has hooked up with Bari and created a signature sound for BIMPGOD music. They collabed on “Champagne Campaign” which appears on their early 2000s album and contains a sample from SWVs song “Rain.” The two created a real vibe and have more songs planned for BIMPGODs new music.

Bari continues to spread his music throughout the United States and abroad. While networking and connecting, Bari has done collabs in and out of town. He has collabed with Dallas rapper “Rickey P Flair” on more than five tracks and dropped a video for “Light Up Life” which appears on Bari’s “early 2000s” album. BIMPGOD and FLAIR have a track called “City Lights” which appears on the original motion picture soundtrack titled “Rental.” Its predicted that they’ll drop a joint mixtape in the very near future.

Bari has always networked and connected with all parts of the music scene. Bari is known for connecting with artist, producers, engineers and even DJs. In 2013 Bari linked with “DJ Milehigh” a well know Chicago based club and radio DJ. They became friends and Milehigh helped push BIMPGOD’s music on the radio and in the hottest clubs. Bari was now in the Chicago nightlife scene alongside MileHigh, showing up at all of the hottest parties and music events. Bari’s songs even played on Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI radio station during the “Milehigh Midday mix” show from 2016 until present.

Bari, has been dropping albums since before 2015. Bari has dropped seven downloadable albums/mixtapes. His latest being the “ONE WORD” album that dropped January 2021. Bari has been working with his main producer “Dini” since his days at Kenwood Academy high school and he appears on “ONEWORD” and the first album “KEY TO THE CITY”.

Bari Gee has always been grinding, but hasn’t always been solo. The group The Chosen Ones (TCO) was created along with other members Malik Carter, Bob Marlo, ID and Gino East. During the time of TCO’S run, Bari performed and hosted over 50 shows. Bari and TCO produced their own shows in Chicago at venues such as Subterranean and Bassline, as well as other places. Bari and TCO also hosted shows on the road nationally, like in Austin Texas at SXSW (South by Southwest) Music Festival. They didn’t stop there with the traveling show. St. Louis and Atlanta also were also blessed with the groups shows. Bari linked with Racheal at Luckie One Entertainment and continued hosting and performing. Bari hosted and performed at over 10 shows with Racheal and Luckie One Entertainment at various Chicago venues, even hosting a show in Las Vegas in 2019.

Other notables collabs are with BOO (from BOO and Gotti), Jinonthem Boards (engineer), Kevin Hues (engineer, artist), Get ‘em Louie (engineer / producer), Rossey Lamont (artist/producer), Lovely Hustle (artist), Fendi Frost (artist), Twenty (artist), Dilla (artist), SC (producer), Matt Monsta (producer), and many more.

Bari Gee aka BIMPGOD plans to drop new music and his album “A LOT TO OFFER” late 2021 or early 2022.

GO BANG! Magazine: What is it about performing that attracts you to do it?

BimpGod:  Wow, I love performing! It gives people a chance to see my style.  I bring a lot of energy to the stage.  You can hear my voice, my words, and watch me in action. I love to perform. Even more, it’s what get me paid and I give my all to the fans watching. 

GO BANG! Magazine: How would you describe the BIMPGOD sound?

BimpGod:  BIMPGOD sound is professional.  I like to rap over soul beats and heavy bass.  I like to use my natural voice.  I don’t use a lot of autotune.  I like for my records to have dope choruses and I always lace them with a verse or two.  A lot of my bars have double meanings too, so you have to listen closely. 

GO BANG! Magazine: You are a multi-talented individual. Besides rapping, do you have any other talents in the music industry.

BimpGod:  Nowadays, you have to be multi-talented. Executive producing is something I’ve been doing, helping other artist and producers pick the right sound. I also am a host of major events.  I get on stage and give people their props too.  I can’t forget about the fashion.  I’ve been designing for 10yrs.  I also worked with The Print Lounge Chicago over the years. 

GO BANG! Magazine: The rap game has changed drastically over the years, and so has the sound. The old school rap told stories. Then rap got gansta, then party rap, on up to mumble rap. How do you feel about the state of the rap game currently?

BimpGod:  I think the game used to be closed off in the early 2000s and before.  You would only see New York or LA rappers.  With the advance of technology, everybody with a computer has a chance to network.  With YouTube and other streaming channels being available, it gives local artist in cities and suburbs a chance to put their music and videos out to the public.  I’ve taking advantage of YouTube as well.  I got videos too. I put my music out on mixtape sites\earlier in my career.  Now it can be streamed easily on the phone with iTunes and Spotify.  The rap game is wide open.  Anybody can eat.  Just have catchy song and a video and boom! 

GO BANG! Magazine: If you had the opportunity to work with or perform with any artist or group from the past or present, who would be that be and why?

BimpGod:  It’s a lot of artists I’d work with, so many.  I would link with ladies in the industry.  They be looking good and they’re talented.  If I had to choose, probably Rihanna and Beyonce.  They’re at the top. Ye, he from Chicago, and groups… probably Dipset or The Lox.  But all artist would get a chance to create with me

GO BANG! Magazine: Being from Chicago, you must have grown up supporting artist like Twista, Common, Kanye West and Chance. They’ve all gone on and became successful in the entertainment industry. What do you think is the key to success, and what are you doing to achieve that goal?

BimpGod:  In Chicago, you gotta stand out a lot of competition out here.  For upcoming artist, you gotta travel and do collabs.  I’ve seen all these guys in action and they always take the rap game to the next level.  I’m a networking king.  I bring people together, but the ultimate goal for any artist is to create.  I want to stay in the studio.  Any studio time available, I’m there!  They got labels, but I’m independent.  I pay for everything out my pocket. 

GO BANG! Magazine: Chicago has its own style of Rap. How would you describe the sound of Chicago Hip Hop / Rap?

BimpGod:  Chicago Rap is filled with a lot of stories about growing up in the city dealing with struggles, gangs and cops.  A lot Chicagoans went into the industry, but now we have some big names.  People here put their all in their flow.  We represent a lot of people here.  Me growing up on the eastside (Stony Island, South Shore and Hyde Park), I put all my stories in my rhymes.  These some tough neighborhoods to grow up in. 

GO BANG! Magazine: Many people think that the Hip Hop music industry is promoting the wrong things to our youth. For example, many think that the industry is feminizing the black male, by some artists wearing dresses and sagging their pants, exposing their butts. Also, by promoting drug use, showing women as only sexual objects and as always, promoting violence. What do you think about these images and how are you dealing with them?

BimpGod:  You have big music labels that push a negative narrative and you have some artist that have no limits to what they say or do. I can’t speak for why, but I understand being creative for money. They gotta feed their family, even if they might be sending mixed messages. 

For me, I don’t be too negative in my raps.  But I am aggressive at times on the track, and the streets like to hear that.  My image is clean, business man style.  But I am from the streets of Chicago… drugs, guns and gangbanging are what we grew up with.  I dress nice and rap smooth.  I want the ladies to like it, not scare ‘em. 

GO BANG! Magazine: How would you describe your stage performance to someone that may not have witnessed you live, but would like to. What would you tell them to expect?

BimpGod:  Great stage presence is what’s needed for a great show.  You can book me by just hitting my email.  I bring the MC back to the stage… breath control, crowd control and stage control.  I keep the hottest Chicago DJs with me.  We also bring a dope show.  I want to rock stadiums in the near future.  I’m taking bookings all year round. 

GO BANG! Magazine: Lastly, October 19th is your birthday BIMPGOD! This is your birthday weekend! GO BANG! Magazine would like to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, as well as ALL of our international readers across the world. GO BANG! Magazine is presenting this interview to you, as a birthday gift. Please tell our worldwide audience how you feel on this special day, what you plan to do, and how it feels to have your interview published across the world on your birthday weekend?


This is a big surprise and a long time coming!  Shout out Pierre and GO BANG! for the BDAY wishes.  Man 0ctober 19th… Libra season!  I turn up.  I have parties and like to celebrate.   

Follow me on social media and come out to my parties and events.  Everybody tuned in from out the country, I can book something there too.  I have a passport, and thank you for tuning in.  

I’m dropping “A LOT TO OFFER” soon!!!   




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