Shannon “DJ Skip” Syas has gained worldwide acclaim as a dance music producer, remixer, and promoter. DJ. Skip hails from Chicago, where he contributed to the Chicago House music genre that quickly spread to the rest of the world and remains a vibrant sector of the dance music scene on every continent.

Go Bang Magazine: As a resident of Chicago, the home of House Music, what influence, if any, do you feel you have brought to House music and how has House music influenced you?

Shannon DJ Skip Syas: I brought my own flavor to the table. I said what I had to say and drummed to my own beat because of my personality. I did what I had to do and was unapologetic about it. I’ve never taken a common approach to much of anything, so to get an opportunity to express myself authentically, whole-heartedly and creatively was/is special.

Chicago is a part of me, home grown. When you’re from there, you’re FROM there. You live and die that place. That’s what makes Chicago DJs special, gives us our sound, our edge. We’re just cut a bit differently. You can just TELL when a Chicago DJ walks into a room. It’s about vibe and flavor.

House Music gave me a sense of hope. House Music allowed me to see beyond my circumstances and surroundings and dream bigger. When I heard it, it was infectious. Listening to it made me feel happy. It gave me positive vibes, presented the right kind of energy. That was exciting to me. In turn, I just wanted to provide that same influence to everyone else I crossed paths with.

Go Bang Magazine: You’ve had the opportunity to travel around the world, in the name of House. How would you describe House’s acceptance in other countries, in comparison to here in the States?

Shannon DJ Skip Syas: I started at a time when dance music didn’t enjoy wide appeal in the US. There were no festivals, the marketplace was still all underground. Think of rave parties back then. Clubs weren’t accepting of the music. But over in Europe, throughout the world, that was the predominant sound. We had to go other places just to get a look—to be appreciated. London had U.K Garage, France had the French touch with disco dub filters; Italy had Vocal House. It was fly. Spain was real groovy vocally with a Latin feel. So all of those areas embraced it because of the authenticity we were bringing to it. But that’s not to say that any country I don’t mention now doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a significant role. I’m not trying to exclude anyone, anywhere.

We can travel anywhere in Europe and turn on the radio and hear House Music all day and all night. Top 40 artists are doing House Music. It’s on the television: it’s the backdrops to the commercials, even some soap operas and sitcoms. Dance music is the predominant genre of music. It’s what the people want to listen to. It makes you feel good, feel happy. That’s good for business. That provides a fantastic atmosphere.

But here, House Music is treated like it only belongs in clubs or Friday night sets on the radio. It’s disappointing that corporate interest never really caught on in the US the way it has outside of the US until recently. It’s the number one grossing genre in the world. But there was/is more weight given to perceived character and personality than the music and the artistry. Truthfully it may not be so much lack of corporate interest as much as corporate control issues. How could House Music be controlled, monopolized, rebranded, and sold back to the very people they took it from? So House Music remains a niche in the US.

Go Bang Magazine: As a DJ, producer, remixer and promoter, you’ve performed or worked with several legendary artists, from various genres of music. What was it like working with them?

Shannon DJ Skip Syas: It was FANTASTIC working with them. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible, creative minds from all around the world. To be able to sit in a room full of geniuses and ideas, experience that type of energy and force, you get to see what people really bring to the table. Everyone’s idea adds value.

Imagine sitting in a room and I hand you a bunch of puzzle pieces and Steve gets puzzle pieces, I have puzzle pieces. We’re all putting our pieces of the puzzle together until we come together to see if our pieces fit. By time we figure out the puzzle, some of the pieces may not fit. But that’s how music is really created in a group setting. It’s an honor and a pleasure. I’m blessed in abundance to be in a position to say that I’ve worked with some living legends and iconic figures who have passed away. I’m still here, able to share the memories and state, “I was in the room.”

Go Bang Magazine: After working with so many artists, is there anyone that you have yet to work with, but would love to?

Shannon DJ Skip Syas: It’s SO many fly people that I respect on different levels, in different genres. Everyone adds something different. If I started naming people I’d be here all day, all night and well into the next day. Just thinking about all the dope talent out here makes me excited.

Go Bang Magazine: You are known to have an inspiring personality, always motivating others. Where does that come from and why is that important to you?

Shannon DJ Skip Syas: It comes from LIFE. Positive thinking leads to a positive outcome. What defines people is how they process life’s challenges and push it back out. Sometimes just the acts of stopping and being still helps a whole lot in determining how to be the change you want to see — in the world, in the room, in your own life.

It starts with self, but it’s important to pay it forward, to be a light, give peace of mind to people. Hopefully they will pay it forward and influence someone else in return. You just get more out of life being happy. There’s no substitute for it and you should never sacrifice your happiness for NOTHIN’!

The moment I ain’t happy, I’m out.

Go Bang Magazine: S&S Records consists of two international DJs, you and Steve “Silk” Hurley. How did you guys meet and why did you decide to form a company?

Shannon DJ Skip Syas: We started hanging out because of a chance connection in a grocery store, but we weren’t strangers. We’d run in the same circle for years. We knew each other. We knew OF each other. We’d followed each other’s career and were well familiar with each other’s work. We’d purchased each other’s music. We’d performed on the same platforms. We’d pass each other in the airport, him going when I’m coming or vice versa. We had each other’s number, but never had a reason to call.

The universe moves you in the direction you’re supposed to go. We were supposed to be in the frozen food section at that grocery store on that day at that time to connect. It wasn’t about the groceries, but what came after the groceries.

We share a love of basketball. He invited me to his crib to shoot. We had a vibe.We started playing ball together almost every day and still do. We became genuine friends, not having anything to do with the music or the industry, for over a year. We did music for a living. We did basketball to get AWAY from the music. Those neighborhood games in the suburbs took us back to our youth in the city.

But we realized that we both add something fresh and real value to one another and a collaboration could and would be BIG! Both of us were doing big things in our respective businesses, traveling, making money. We were together every day, but traveling every weekend. We decided to put out an album for Chicago, for our city, with every willing producer from Chicago. It was a labor of love. From that S&S was born.

Go Bang Magazine: What is the mission statement and goal of S&S Records?

Shannon DJ Skip Syas: Truthfully, we’ve never had a mission statement. We knew what we wanted to do and be and bring to the music industry, House Music, in particular. And we’ve been faithful to an unwritten mission. But you asking this now means that we need to put pen to paper and solidify for the world what our inherent vision has always been, who we are, what we believe. We created a record company with professional integrity and leadership, to market quality talent on a greater platform, with no strings attached. We help other artists and producers expose their talent to a wider audience of tastemakers and consumers. It’s never been about blowing up Silk and Skip.

Go Bang Magazine: Having two international music industry moguls working together has got to be an exciting venture. How does the individual notoriety of each of you complement each other and enhance your business.

Shannon DJ Skip Syas: I think it’s fly because we both bring cool things to the table. It goes back to the puzzle. We’d been putting our own puzzles together forever. But being able to focus on the parts that speak to your individual strengths brings all the pieces together faster.

Go Bang Magazine: Are you currently working on anything or would you like to mention anything that you’d like our readers to check out?

Shannon DJ Skip Syas:
Our new initiative is S&S Brand Apparel. We want people to feel like they are a part of who we are and what we do, wear the same clothes that we wear—the ones you see us wearing in pictures. We’re not selling anything we don’t support ourselves.

It’s sporty and sexy, high quality merchandise that we are proud to have the S&S Chicago name on. The line is still growing but offers a lot in the way of variety.

S&S Records still consistently puts out fantastic music, on a day-to-day basis

S&S Chicago

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Go Bang Magazine: In conclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic has caught the world off guard. How are you dealing with it?

Shannon DJ Skip Syas: I can’t really tell how I’m dealing, but I am. My family and I are adhering to the social distancing mandate and encourage everyone to do the same. Developments change rapidly, but we’re doing our best to stay on top of it and act responsibly toward our fellow human beings. I definitely feel moved to express more love and compassion, though I am profoundly disappointed by political divisions that seem to negate the fact that we, the world, are more connected than we EVER knew or admitted. People need people. And S&S plans to B+ (be positive) in the face of this ongoing tragedy.

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