Documentary “The Woodstock of House” a Film That Explores the Origins of Chicago House Music and its Enduring Worldwide Appeal Selected for Chicago’s Prestigious Black Harvest Film Festival

CHICAGO (OCTOBER 18, 2021) – 2CHi Entertainment LLC is excited to announce its documentary film, The Woodstock of House (Woodstock) has been selected to debut in Chicago at the 27th Annual Black Harvest Film Festival.

The documentary will screen in person Thursday, Nov. 11 at 8 p.m. and Friday, Nov. 12 at 8 p.m. at the Gene Siskel Film Center. The film also will be part of the festival’s streaming line-up Nov. 13 – Dec. 2.

“This is an amazing honor and as native Chicagoans who grew up watching films at Black Harvest which has a long history of celebrating independent films showcasing the Black experience – we could not be prouder,” Woodstock Directors Senuwell Smith and Rodrick F. Wimberly said in a statement.

Woodstock details the triumph of a genre of music that was attacked and almost destroyed by mainstream America in the late 1970s for being too black, too Latin, and too gay. The film explores the music’s creation, development, and re-birth as House Music by disaffected African American teenagers on the south side of Chicago and its growth to becoming the third largest musical genre in the world.

Woodstock illuminates the significance of house music not just upon the international musical industry, but upon world culture. Known for its upbeat tempos and positive lyrics – house music is revered for its themes of love, peace, and unity.

Woodstock includes live footage from the annual Chosen Few Music Festival – dubbed the Woodstock of House – the oldest one-day outdoor house music gathering in the United States, which draws 50,000 house music lovers. The film features The Chosen Few DJs, the founders of the music festival, as well as musicians, entertainers, house music fans and music historians. Despite Chicago’s reputation for violence, this annual music celebration has been without any violent incidents in its 30-year history.

“What we wanted to do with this film is to showcase this little-known piece of history about a music genre that is all about peace, love, unity, and community. And, for one day in the city of Chicago thousands of people come together to celebrate the music and those values embodied by the House Music culture,” said Wimberly, who is also a producer, executive producer, and co-writer of the film.

“House music is energetic and takes you to another place that you can lose track of time,” said Smith. “The fact that this music continues to endure speaks to its powerful appeal to make you feel good.”

Woodstock was the opening film at the Gary International Black Film Festival in Gary, IN on October 8. The film premiered in California on October 9 at the Silicon Valley African Film Festival in San Jose, CA. Woodstock will also be shown as part of the virtual screenings line-up October 24-29 at the Tallgrass Film Association film festival in Wichita, KS.


2CHi Entertainment LLC is an independent company engaged in the development and production of television and motion picture films with offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. 2CHi brings a combined 60 years of experience and creative expertise in media, entertainment, acting, writing, directing, production, business management and entertainment law.




5 thoughts on “Film: Press Release: “THE WOODSTOCK OF HOUSE” – “Chicago’s Own” Black Harvest Music Festival selection

  1. It is an honor to have “The Woodstock of House,” an independent film, be selected to debut in Chicago at the 27th Annual Black Harvest Film Festival. The fact that House music has grown to become the third largest musical genre in the world after almost being destroyed by mainstream America in the late 1970’s for being too black, too Latin, and too gay.
    This film will showcase the little-known history about house music that embodies peace, love, and unity.
    Thank you and good luck to the producers, writers, and directors.

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