Richard Gallion Entertainment will be casting actors for the hit stage play 1800’s Vs 2020. We are re-casting a few roles.


Amy: (Caucasian, mid 20’s-30’s) She’ s 100% invested in her interracial marriage. Born with a silver spoon was a great platform for Amy. But now she’s building a platform full of Love and money is which makes it even better. She’s believes in her husband more than he believes in himself. But know that there is a thin line with pushing him to walk in his destiny and opening a gap in her marriage.

Phillip: (AA Male, 5’10 or taller, in shape, 21-35 years old, if can sing that’s a Bonus but if not it’s not a deal breaker) A man that was born into slavery and doesn’t know what freedom really looks like. When freedom isn’t your own, creating a love life with no fear cease to exist. The reality is you’re one auction away from never seeing the love of your life again.


There is pay but don’t quit your job.


Email your resume and headshot to or reply to back to this email..

Sides will be sent to your email address. This is a video audition. We are seeking local talent only.


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