Born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, FIRST LADY, (Khrishna Lynese Henderson-Hutchinson), is a Radio/ Television personality, Educator, Spokesperson, Mentor, Billboard Award winning Radio Music and Radio Programmer. An International and pioneer DJ, the FIRST Female DJ to play House Music on the radio, and she was also a member of the FIRST ALL FEMALE House Music DJ team (The Fantastic Four) as well the first female mixer on Chicago radio, (WGCI-FM 107.5 in 1986).

First Lady, or Khrissie “Hott Mixx” Henderson as she was known then, is also one of the first females to record a house record, (used by: DJ MKII, DJ International Records 1986) and with almost 40 years of experience in the broadcast communications and music industry, First Lady has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, as well as, the top radio markets New York (WBLS-FM, KISS-FM and HOT 97 FM), Chicago (106 Jams, WGCI-FM and WVAZ-FM) claiming #1 shows in both cities, as well as large markets Milwaukee (V100 FM) and Indianapolis (WTLC AM/FM).

First Lady began her professional radio career at Chicago’s FIRST 24 hour Rap Music station WJPC 950AM Rap Radio as the night time host, then doing co-hosting mornings on Chicago’s First Hip Hop and R&B Station WJPC-FM 106 JAMZ on the Strictly Street Morning Show. From 1995 -1998 First Lady co-hosted one of Chicago’s most successful urban male/female evening radio duos to date: Rick Party and First Lady on WGCI-FM 107.5. In 1998 First Lady accepted a position in New York City as co-host of the Isaac Hayes and Friend Morning Show on WRKS-FM 98.7. She then moved to New York’s “1 Hip Hop and R&B station HOT 97”. Later she accepted a position legendary station WBLS-FM 107.5 where she hosted the evening show and a Friday night mix show with Hip Hop Legend Grandmaster Flash.

In 2010, her leadership as Program Director for “WTLC-AM 1310 The Light” received The Stellar Award and Gospel Music Award Station of the Year in a Large Market. She was also the recipient of the 2006 Billboard Hip Hop and R&B Award for APD/Music Director of the Year and in 2011 she was ranked #17 on the list of “The Top 30 Black Women in Media” by Radio Facts. In November of 1995, while attending Chicago State University, First Lady served as the 1st Program Director for student run WCSU Radio station.

In 2015, First Lady was inducted into “The Frankie Knuckles Lifetime Achievement Award DJ Hall of Fame” by The Chosen Few DJs, as well as, accepted a position at The Illinois Media School-Chicago Campus as a Radio Faculty Advisor/Instructor and station consultant. She has served as a Spokesperson and Brand Ambassador for the American Dairy Association during the Indiana State Fair from 2008 to 2012. In 2012 she also served on the Radio Advisory Board for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

First Lady has also been involved with numerous prestigious brands and organizations known throughout the world: Super Bowl Gospel, St. Jude Children’s Hospital, 100 Black Men, Girls Scouts of America, The American Dairy Association, Amsterdam Dance Music Festival (ADE), The Indiana Black Expo, Circle City Classic, Chicago House Music Day, The Hot Mix 5 Music Festival, Chicago Girls Rock (City of Chicago), Soul Train Impact, Global Mixx Conferences and The Hot Mix 5 just to name a few. She is currently CEO/Label Owner Kreative Kontrol Music, Faculty Advisor, Radio Station Consultant and Instructor at the Illinois Media School Chicago Campus,Co-Founder of the Living HerStory Music Series, Programming Consultant for London based streaming station, SG1 SOUL and is currently the Program Director/Midday Personality and Mixer for one of Chicago’s newest radio stations, 95.1FM (Club Steppin’).

First Lady and her husband, DJ pioneer Hugo H., recently teamed up to create a husband and wife DJ duo called “The Love Team.” They can be heard every Thursday and Friday night on and every Saturday night from on bringing the The sound of Chicago to the UK.

GO BANG! Magazine: When and how did you first get started as a DJ, and what did you like about it?

First Lady: I actually started because I was dating a DJ and I realized that the way to his heart was through his hobbies. I started asking questions about the technique of blending two records together. He showed me, and I was hooked. The ability to take two songs and smoothly transition from one into the other, while keeping both songs on beat, was so interesting to me. I wanted to learn all I could about it.

GO BANG! Magazine: Once you decided that you wanted to pursue DJ’ing as a career, why did you want to make the transition to Radio?

First Lady: I really didn’t decide to have DJ’ing as a career. It was just something I truly enjoyed doing. I wanted to go into television/film. The opportunity to be on the radio came from a challenge. One day I was talking with Farley, who was known as Farley “Funkin” Keith at the time, I asked him why there weren’t any females DJ’ing on the radio. He said “Make me a tape.” I did, and the rest is history.

My dad was the person that introduced me to radio when I was about five years old. He was part of Herb Kent’s “Electric Crazy People” on WVON. They were best friends. I didn’t actually get hit by the radio bug until I was DJ’ing on WGCI-FM. I was an acting student at Columbia College. Bonnie DeShong was my teacher. She told me that since I already had my foot in the radio door, I should pursue it. I was already interning in the Programming department. That is where my love for radio began.

GO BANG! Magazine: While pursuing your DJ/Radio career, you broke down a lot of barriers that were up against women. You were literally the “first lady.” Please describe to our readers how you felt at the time, when you were trailblazing a path for women in DJ’ing and in Radio.

First Lady: At the time, I didn’t think about trailblazing. My focus was on doing what I wanted to do. I never considered the historical or pioneering aspect of it. I wanted to DJ on the radio, so I focused on that. It wasn’t until years later that I realized the significance of it.

Regarding being an on-air personality, I was standing on the shoulders of greats like Yvonne Daniels, Chilli Childs, Irene Mojica, Bonnie DeShong, AJ Parker, Carla Box, Veronique, Shirley Hayes and many others. It was the strength that I gathered from them, that helped me hold my own in the Rap Radio area. Although I started my on air career at WKKC-FM, it was WJPC 950 AM Rap Radio that I began to really stand strong and represent for females in the early days of radio, in that genre of the industry.

GO BANG! Magazine: As a resident of Chicago, the home of House music, you are recognized as the first female DJ to play House music on the radio. You were also one of the first women to record a House record. What influence, if any, do you feel you have had on DJs, Radio, and House. Also, how has House influenced you?

First Lady: As for an influence, you would have to ask those that came up listening to me. I would hope that I was a strong, talented and entertaining radio personality/DJ/artist that made them want to do what I was doing. Not just because I made it seem fun, but because I showed them that it was attainable for them. House music, Disco, R&B and Italo continues to be the soundtrack to my life. I have taken it with me and shared it with every person I have met around the country and world. It is the sound that keeps the world moving in the direction of love, peace and happiness.

GO BANG! Magazine: I have personally witnessed you participating in several community events and student mentor programs. Why is it important for you to give back to the community?

First Lady: I see it as paying it forward. We are all a part of a larger village. I feel a responsibility to share my experiences with those starting or moving through their journey. We all have a higher calling on our lives, a purpose driven life, a gift that we have been given, and we must share it. Community outreach and mentoring programs are the ways I choose to contribute.

GO BANG! Magazine: In the past, female DJs were more of a novelty, and not taken as serious as their male counterparts. Do you think that image has changed and why or why not?

First Lady: WOW, that’s kind of a loaded question. I say that because my experiences are different from other female Djs. When I started, I was fortunate to have male DJs that were willing to assist with my growth and development within the craft. I am blessed to still have that solid foundation of support from many of my male DJ brothers.

Regarding the sexism and boys club, yes it still exists. As women, we still encounter that in many ways in life, not just music. I encourage my sisters to learn the rules of engagement, focus on the craft, their skills, brand, business sense, and publishing. Most of all, remember their worth and never being afraid to stand on what they bring to the table.

GO BANG! Magazine: You were a pioneering member of the first ALL FEMALE DJ team in Chicago named “The Fantastic Four.” In 2015, DJ SolKat established “The Queens of House Picnic.” How does it feel to see the seeds that you planted years ago, currently sprouting and prospering in the House community?

First Lady: She and I actually spoke when she first started planning to move forward on her dream. Of course I was in total support. I was asked to play at the inaugural QOH Picnic, as well as the three that followed. I continue to be in support of the platform she has created. Yes, I feel proud to see the growth, from where the Fantastic Four started in the mid 80’s, up until now. The number of female DJs across the word still makes me smile.

GO BANG! Magazine: Please tell our readers about your husband Hugo “DJ Hugo H” Hutchinson.

First Lady: I am not only married to a DJ, but he is also my business partner and best friend. Although we both started DJ’ing, for me at 13 and for him at 12, we have known each other since we were 18 and 19, but we had never played together. It wasn’t until the summer of 2015, at a house music festival called “3 Yards Bangin,” that we first played together. A year later, we teamed up under the name of “The Love Team” and began playing together.

#TeamWorkMakesTheDreamWork. We are currently the only husband and wife both inducted into the DJ Hall Of Fame (Me, Class of 2015, Hugo H., Class of 2018) at the Chosen Few Picnic.

GO BANG! Magazine: There are several DJ’s out there with mad skills. Which do you personally like, and which ones would you love to DJ with?

First Lady: I have played with so many over the years. I can’t say I have a favorite because all of my sisters are special. They all bring their own magic to the craft. Each one of them tells their own story when they play. I enjoy hearing them all. If you really listen to what is being played, the way it is being played, and when it is played, you will have an appreciation for who is playing it.

GO BANG! Magazine: You are currently the Program Director/Midday Personality and Mixer, for 95.1FM., in Chicago. Where do you want to take the station, programming wise, in the future?

First Lady: 95.1FM Chicago is an amazing station. We have only been on air since August 2019 and have created such a noise in the industry. As Program Director, I can say the overall goal is to provide the most entertaining, educating and uplifting station possible for the Chicagoland area and those listening via our 95.1FM Chicago app.

As the Midday personality, I work hard to bring relief to those working hard each weekday. I do that with great music and just being a co-worker the listener can relate to. I am most proud that we have brought local radio back to the market. We represent the lifestyle of Chicago, playing music of many genres, (R&B, Disco, Steppers, House, Jazz, Blues, Motown, Funk and Rap). We are the first station to have the current Mayor, Lori E. Lightfoot, as a member of our On-Air family every Wednesday with “The Mayor’s Minute.” We also have Grammy Nominated Artist “The Prince Of Sophisticated Soul” Will Downing, along with Chicago’s favorite radio veterans, Ramonski Luv (Luv In The Morning Show), Troi Tyler, Bonnie DeShong, AJ Parker, Gachelle Coffey and Gene Phillips, as well as The Legendary Steppers DJ Sam Chatman and House Music Pioneer DJ’s Hugo H. and Brian Frazier and the new generation DJ K- Blaze. I am proud of every member of our team. By the way, the station is owned by Tracey V. Bell, who is a Black Woman… #TrueBlackGirlMagic

GO BANG! Magazine: In addition to being a DJ and Radio Personality, you are also a successful businesswoman. Please introduce our readers to your company Kreative Kontrol Music.

First Lady: Kreative Kontrol Music as a label was created by me and my husband Hugo H. We want to give artists an opportunity to work with a label that would allow them to have some say in what happens with their music and how their brand is marketed. The music business is just that, a business. It is important that artist have that understanding.

GO BANG! Magazine: In conclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic has caught the world off guard. How are you dealing with it?

First Lady: COVID-19 has brought the entire world to almost a complete stand still. I am dealing with it on a day to day basis. Some days are extremely stressful. I worry about the well-being of my family more so than myself. My mother lives in Las Vegas and my dad lives in New York. We worry about our daughters as well, even though they are grown, (Khumare 29, Ciah 26 and Kristyn 24). Regardless to what is happening in my personal life, I get up every day and face whatever comes my way. I greet my listeners with a smile. I hope they can see it through the radio. I do my best to bring sunshine into their day. Music is truly a healer and I present it for that purpose.


Pierre A. Evans is a freelance writer of Entertainment, Music, Art, Culture, Fashion and Current Events, and previously for,,,, and, an author, singer/songwriter, actor, model, poet, dancer, and DJ. He is also the owner of Pinnacle Entertainment Productions. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and on Instagram

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