Michael Cox, a Chicago native, is an artist of the heart. Being surrounded by art most of his life, this self-trained artist took hold and harnessed his creative force. Although he studied at Clark-Atlanta University with a focus in radio/television broadcasting, it is in the artistic world where his presence dominates.

Through an intricate layering and blending of colors and mediums, Michael is able to create visually stimulating 3-dimensional works of art. The dynamic attention to detail in each art piece captures the essence of the human spirit. Michael believes that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, and thru the eyes, true character is illuminated. This belief is reflected in the portraits of their creator.

Although Michael is best known for the creation of one-of-a-kind, hand-painted, works of wearable art; his unique 3-dimensional style is also captured on canvas. Michael’s work graces the walls of several private art collectors worldwide, and has been showcased in several art galleries in Chicago and Atlanta. Michael’s “ABSOLUTE BEST in wearable art” is available in several Chicago retail boutiques. BORN VAIN ART by Michael Cox has cultivated an underground following consisting of local and national celebrities, and those in a variety of industries including entertainment, sports, and fashion/ beauty.

Michael Cox is best known for the creation of one-of-a-kind, hand-painted works of wearable art. His unique 3-dimensional style is also captured on canvas and other mediums. Michael’s work graces the walls of several private art collectors worldwide, and has been showcased in several art galleries. Born Vain Art by Michael Cox has cultivated an underground following consisting of local, national and international celebrities and fashion/beauty stars (Oprah Winfrey, Verdine White, Fred Hammond, Eric Monte, Mike Epps, Gary Owen, Common, D’Wayne Wiggins, Bobby Brown, Steve Hurley) and athletes, including the late Ernie Banks.

Through many layers of love, paint, and deep seated fury in the innermost core of my spirit left there to manifest, over and over in a different form each time. But, each time you are overwhelmed with being…#BORNVAIN

GO BANG! Magazine:  How did you get started in artwork?

Michael Cox:  As a child, I was always interested in art, and that interest was deepened by watching my father’s talent as an artist. Throughout my teen years, I watched and attempted to emulate such artists as Ernie Barnes and Kevin Williams.

GO BANG! Magazine:  What type of art do you create?

Michael Cox:  I create a style of artwork known as BORN VAIN. A 3-dimensional abstract montage of color and layers.

GO BANG! Magazine:  What makes your artwork stand out from other artwork?

Michael Cox:  To me, it’s the texture and the 3D appearance that make my artwork different from others. My customers say it’s the incredible likeness to their image.

GO BANG! Magazine:  How did you come up with the idea of placing artwork on T-shirts?

Michael Cox:  The concept of wearable art has been around for a while, however, I loved the idea as not only an affordable way for people to have my artwork who wouldn’t normally buy canvas work, but also a great promotion tool…a walking art gallery.

GO BANG! Magazine:  Besides artwork, do you have any other hidden talents?

Michael Cox:  Basically, I am BORN VAIN!

GO BANG! Magazine:  You’ve designed artwork for several celebrities.  Are there any celebrities that you would like to create artwork for, that you haven’t?

Michael Cox:  Everyone is a celebrity when you have on a BORN VAIN!

GO BANG! Magazine:  Are you active in any type of community services events?

Michael Cox:  Yes, I have lectured on college campuses to inspire young Black creatives.

GO BANG! Magazine:  In conclusion, the COVID-19 pandemic has caught the world off-guard.  How are you dealing with it?

Michael Cox:  Social distancing is definitely key, as well as boosting my immune system with healthy eating and exercise.




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  1. I am proud of you my brother! I also remember our conversations. Your dream is important. Continue to dream big!!!



    I AM BORN VAIN [8X]!!

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