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DJ Slugo has been performing since the early 1990’s as a founding member of Chicago’s infamous Dance Mania label, along with co-conspirators Paul Johnson and DJ Deeon.

Slugo is world-renowned for his hits including, “Wouldn’t You Like to be a Hoe Too?“, “A Blunt“, “Godzilla Track“, “Where the Rats?“, and many more. London’s Underbeat Magazine calls Slugo’s Cardboard Booty album, “The most influential Ghetto House CD ever made,” and went on to call him, “The Ghetto-father of the American Dance floor.” His “Chicago Juke” DVD’s have gained over 2-million views in 2017.

Daft Punk credits him by name, and references his track “DJ’s On the Low“, on their iconic song “Teachers.” He was featured by name recently on HBO’s hit TV show Ballers along with his track “I Ain’t Yo Baby Daddy.”  Slugo has done remixes for major artists such as Nina Kraviz”s “Ghetto Kraviz” and Missy Elliott’s “Work It”, and has collaborations on the horizon with artists and labels in France, Brooklyn and Japan.



Early Days and Influences:

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: What initially drew you to the Ghetto House scene in Chicago? Were there any specific DJs or producers who inspired you early on?

DJ Slugo: I wanted to change the old school House sound to more of what was going on in my environment. My cousin DJ Geno inspired me early on to start DJing.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: How did you develop your signature sound and style? What elements make your music distinctly “DJ Slugo”?

DJ Slugo: I developed my sound from being raised in the Robert Taylor Holmes. My drums in my music is one of my distinctive traits that make it a DJ Slugo Record.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Looking back, what were some of the biggest challenges you faced in establishing yourself as a DJ and producer in the early days of Ghetto House?

DJ Slugo: One of my biggest challenges was getting people to know that I was a DJ and not just a Ghetto House/Juke DJ

Chicago Scene and Impact:

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: In your opinion, how has the Chicago Ghetto House scene evolved over the years? What are some of the biggest changes you’ve witnessed?

DJ Slugo: Well I can only speak for Ghetto House. We have evolved for sure, but we are nowhere near where we should be. The biggest change I have witnessed is our sound being played and copied in other countries.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: What impact do you think your own work has had on the scene and its legacy? Do you feel you’ve helped shape its future in any way

DJ Slugo: I can say for certain that I know have made a huge impact on the scene and its legacy with hard-working ethics. And yes, I know I have shaped its future by instilling my work ethic into the producers I have worked with.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: You’ve collaborated with many iconic artists. Can you share a memorable experience or highlight a collaboration that stands out for you?

DJ Slugo: I wouldn’t point out just one specific collaboration because I loved and enjoyed the majority of the collaborations I have done with anyone. But, I will say working with the underground artists on collaborations is a lot more fun, because they a extremely creative when they are in that hungry stage of their career.

Production and Legacy:

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Walk us through your creative process when producing a new track. Do you have any specific rituals or techniques you use

DJ Slugo: No rituals here. I Just sit at the drum machine and computer and let the ancestors lead me.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: What are some of your upcoming projects or goals? Are there any new ventures you’re excited about exploring?

DJ Slugo: I have a new Vinyl Only album, Ghetto House Music Vol.2 , dropping in May for my birthday. I’m exploring a lot of things outside of music that have me really excited, but I never speak on things until I’m actually almost done doing them.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Looking ahead, what advice would you give to aspiring DJs and producers who want to carve their own niche in the electronic music landscape?

DJ Slugo: Know your craft and always continue to perfect it. Also, understand that this is a business that you’re getting into. So learn the music business the same way you are learning music.

Bonus Question:

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: If you could curate a dream Ghetto House party with any DJs or artists, past or present, who would you invite and why?

DJ Slugo: My Dream Party would be the ones we had in the 90’s, but with the knowledge we have now. I would invite anybody that’s coming to enjoy themselves and enjoy the music.

GO BANG! MAGAZINE: Well DJ Slugo, thank you for your time and this interview.  You have been officially BANGED! GO BANG!!!

DJ Slugo:  No problem.



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