“In the month of January, 2020, I began to hear about the Coronavirus. I thought it was just another new strain pf a virus similar to the flu. Then the people of China began to get very sick and dying from the virus, which began in Wuhan, China. Why should I be stressed? Next, it was awarded its own personal acronym (Covid-19.)

Now, I’m beginning to pay more attention to the news. The virus was spreading throughout the entire country of China. Next, it began spreading to Italy, Spain and eventually reaching the United States.

The Covid-19 had become a deadly virus and I am a senior citizen…reason to be concerned. There was a new term created for people to allow at least six feet between each other when in public called “social distancing.” Fear began to grow inside of me.
I thought about going outside to shop for food, doctor appointments, and visiting friends or relatives. But, instead of experiences the feeling of separation, it brought the world together. People realized that this method was the only way to get control of Covid-19. So far, this confinement has been a revelation for our society.

Since this order of ”shelter in place,” also known as “stay at home,” has been implemented, people are exhibiting more thoughtfulness and kindness. Instead of wondering how I will be getting to my doctor appointment and shopping, my three doctors are visiting me by phone and asking if I need food or someone to go shopping for me. Never before have I seen such genuine kindness before. College students are volunteering to go shopping for seniors and the disabled. There are many food bank donations, plus rent and utility extensions, just to name a few contributions. My belief has been restored that unity and kindness can and will always exist within our society.

Helen LaNoyette Evans
A Concerned Citizen
Merrillville, IN, USA


  1. Helen Evans says:

    Thank you Pierre for re-posting the article I wrote regarding the affect that this virus has had on me. I sincerely hope the readers will once again appreciate my view of these unprecedented times. The year 2020 will definitely be retained in our long-term memories.

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